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How I used my Tarot cards to identify and understand my soul clients

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

I have been using Tarot and Oracle cards in my business for a good few years and have been teaching Tarot both privately and through my online course. As I expand my business I am changing the kind of clients I want to work with.

Discover your soul clients

So today I thought I would do a Soul Client reading for myself and here are SOME of the questions I asked and their results: What kind of person is she? 6 Wands - She believes in who she is and the work she is doing. She is focused on building her personal brand and reputation. She is successful and has gained some public recognition and possibly rewards for the work she has already done and is looking to build on that success and up-level her business. She has harnessed her strengths and talents in order to gain success and is able to focus on the task at hand. She is focused and driven when she has a clear plan.

What is she looking for? Ace of Cups - She is looking for a deeper connection with herself and others. She wants to express herself more authentically and creatively. She has been through various traumas in her life and she is now ready to learn from the lessons, grow and forgive to enable her to re-align with her authenticity. She is looking to connect with her soul clients on a deeper level and is ready to let go of unfulfilling clients without fear of guilt.

What makes her happy? 9 of Coins - She enjoys the fruits of her labour, success, money, freedom, leisure time and comfort and she is willing to work hard for them. She likes to reward and pamper herself and enjoys life’s luxuries. Security, self-sufficiency and independence are important to her.

What does she really want? The Sun - Success, radiance and abundance. She wants to work with passion, happiness, joy and ease. She is looking to grow her business both in terms of money and success. She wants to build sound business practices and wants to use universal forces to help her so is open to using mindset practices, law of attraction and her intuition.

What is she afraid of? Failure - She is afraid to fail and lose credibility. She is afraid that if she changes the kind of clients she wants to work with and lets go of the clients that no longer nourish her soul that she could fail. She has a tendency to negatively invest in the outcome of her new projects, bringing her blockages to deal with. She needs to let go of the outcomes and learn that failure is just an opportunity to learn and grow.

What is standing in her way? The Tower - Her own insecurities stand in her way. Something has shaken her foundations and this is making her question her core beliefs, values, perceptions, behaviours and how she is showing up in the world. She is going through an awakening and is starting to realise that she needs to get out of her own way, stand in her own power, be who she truly is in order for her to gain the freedom and success she is looking for.

What keeps her up at night? Knight of Wands - She is impatient and impulsive when she gets a new idea or starts a new project she wants to act on it immediately. She wants her business to be a success but is in a rush to get there, and does not always have a clear plan of action. She is having her own internal battles with her intuition and ego. She is intuitive but often lets her head take over. Things may look good on paper but if they don’t feel right they are not going to work the way she wants them to. Overthinking, being impatient, worry, and doubt keep her up at night.

What are her biggest struggles? 2 of Coins - Life is not in balance, she doesn’t always focus on the things she is passionate about or her priorities. She is juggling life and emotions and sometimes she doesn’t know what to focus on. She struggles to with being clear about what is important to her, her priorities and where to invest her time and energy. Time management and financial management are her biggest struggles at this point. Tarot can give you so much clarity, insight and guidance in your business. It can dig deep into your unconscious mind and revel everything you need to know. Book your soul client discovery here

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