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Wealth Codes

A powerful Wealth Codes Activation that anchors the frequency of wealth & abundance on a cellular level for constant money flow. in just 20 minutes.

Begin your journey today and unlock the wealth that awaits you by receiving this free track.

By participating in this guided journey, you will:

  • Experience a deeper connection to your innate abundance.

  • Unlock new levels of wealth and prosperity.

  • Align your spiritual and financial goals for holistic success.


Step into a life of greater abundance and prosperity. Begin your journey today and unlock the wealth that awaits you!


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Download your Free copy Now"

Archangel Metatron Activation: Archangel Metatron will activate all the wealth codes that are already within you, enhancing your capacity for wealth and prosperity.

This is what others have to say 

Hi Suzi! I just listened to the your abundance codes. Thank you very much. At the end of it, my higher self told me, we did it! I felt pure bliss. I cried. It's very timely because it included Archangel Metatron. I've been working with him closely recently. I'm very grateful. Carla

 I finally managed to do the prosperity codes activation this evening. Setting the intention to do it daily for 7 days. I struggle with seeing or hearing during meditations. However, I feel shivers when activations take place. I felt incredibly peaceful and it was magical. I feel a sense of freedom and I could feel the release. Tamara

Hi! I wanted to share my experience with Wealth diva and recent chakra clearing. It really worked miracles! After the wealth diva course, I earned more than I did in the past 3 years! Linda

I have just come across Suzi through the Wealth Diva . It was amazing. I felt such intense energy and have been buzzing throughout the activation. I feel such a shift internally. She is such a powerful healer and am excited to be part of her community. Megan daily

I did Wealth Diva and want to thank Suzi for all what she gave us. She read for me a block when she invited me to join the experience. I focused on healing this when we did the ancestral blocks and i could finally release a pain I had on my back it after months of different healings. I also like that she created this space like a retreat with the music everything. Thanks Suzi Edwards Vero Garcia

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This is for you if:

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💰You want to manifest more money, wealth and abundance into your life


💰 You are a spiritual woman in business.

💰 You are ready to energetically align to money and wealth.

💰 You are ready to let go of the blocks and fears that are holding you back.

💰 You want to open up your receiving channels

💰 You know what you are currently doing is not working

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Ciao I'm Suzi

I'm a soul alchemy coach here to help spiritual women like you to release your akashic and ancestral blocks so that you can live your purpose and reach your money and business goals.


I work with you inside of the akashic records to clear the blocks that are stopping you from living your purpose and creating a life of fulfilment and abundance.


I will lead you to consciously create a business beyond your wildest dreams by combining strategy and foundations with alignment and energy.

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