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to clear your money blocks so you can finally start making money in your business


You have been working so hard in your business but not seeing the results you would like. You are spinning your wheels, going into overwhelm, lacking clarity and experiencing feast and famine cycles


You are doing all the things but are just not make sales or meeting your money goals.

I feel you!

I was you!

We can do all the things in our businesses but if we not aligned to our purpose, money, or our offerings we are going to struggle to make sales.

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FREE 4 Day Virtual Retreat

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It doesn't have to be like this!

I see so many spiritual women putting their all into their businesses and just not getting the results they were looking for which leads to overwhelm, confusion and lack of fulfilment.

Energetic alignment and vibration is as important as having the right strategies and foundations in place in your business.

I help my clients to combine practical coaching with spiritual and energetic practices so they can create solid foundations and align to the vibration of money and success.

There are so many things that can stop us from reaching our money goals and I am going to share some of those with you in the retreat

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This is for you if...

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💰 You are a spiritual woman in business.

💰 You are ready to energetically align to money and start making sales.

💰 You are ready to let go of the blocks and fears that are holding you back.


💰 No matter how much time and energy you put into your business you are not making money.

💰 You know what you are currently doing is not working

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What does it look like?

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Friday 3rd March

Launch Party

Today we kick off the retreat with welcome drinks, intros and a clearing live on Zoom to get us ready for the rest of the week.

Day 2

Day 1

Saturday 4th March

Sunday 5th March

We kick off the retreat today by looking at your money blocks, what you are holding on to that is stopping you from making money in your business.

Akashic money clearing and activation

Today's session looks at what we are holding onto collectively around money, wealth and prosperity and what our ancestors have passed down to us.

Akashic money clearing and activation

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Day 4

Day 3

Monday 6th March

Today we look at the foundations of your business to ensure you are in alignment with the energy of money, your soul purpose and you soul clients.

Akashic money clearing and activation

Tuesday 7th March

Today I will be taking you on a journey into your akashic records to remove all the blocks, vows contracts and agreements, limiting beliefs and more.

Then we will activate wealth, prosperity and abundance, and place success anchors in your business to ensure your business success.

Private Wealth Diva Facebook group where the replays will be available for all sessions

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Ciao, I'm Suzi

I'm a soul alchemy coach here to help spiritual women like you to release your akashic and ancestral blocks so that you can live your purpose and reach your money and business goals.


I work with you inside of the akashic records to clear the blocks that are stopping you from living your purpose and creating a life of fulfilment and abundance.


I will lead you to consciously create a business beyond your wildest dreams by combining strategy and foundations with alignment and energy.

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Time spent with Suzi is well worth the investment. She is a non-anxious presence able to offer insights and observations with kindness and confidence. Her demeanour builds trust quickly whether a person wants to share or simply listen. Working with Suzi will yield benefits ten-fold. I whole-heartedly recommend.


Suzi is an incredibly encouraging, nurturing  and highly gifted soul coach. I felt so very understood and safe during our sessions together. She helped me gain so much clarity on my soul’s purpose. She also helped me rework my offers and understand my soul clients on a deeper level. I was blown away by Suzi’s natural ability to read my energy and to facilitate a healing coaching experience where I truly felt seen and heard.


I did a 1:1 with Suzi and O.M.G. so much unresolved issues now makes so much sense.


I finally know my purpose in life. I love her work and also feel aligned in all aspects. She's amazing!!! 


Client Love

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