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Soulmate Reading


Are you ready to attract your soulmate?


You want to attract your soulmate but you don't know what is stopping him from showing up?


You have done some inner work and just can't put your finger on what blockages you are holding on to?


During the soulmate reading we will dig deep and uncover all the blocks, limiting beliefs and other limitations that are stopping you from attracting your soulmate.


We will look at where you are in your life right now, what you need to learn from past relationships and what aspects of yourself you can work on to help you to call in your soulmate quickly and easily.


Together, we will make use of all the information we receive to create a plan of action.  This plan will help you to blast through the blockages quickly and easily.


Included in this reading is my 'How to Cosmically Order your Soulmate Workbook' and Practical steps to get ready for your soulmate.

Everything I share in this session, I used to attract my soulmate back in 2011.








































Are you ready to bust through the blocks and call in your soulmate?

Image by Alejandra Quiroz


Get your  'How to cosmically order your soulmate' workbook with practical tips to help you to get ready for your soulmate's arrival.

Image by Alejandra Quiroz

A Soulmate reading will help you to:


Discover everything you need to know about attracting your soulmate quickly and easily


Uncover all blocks, limitations and limiting beliefs


Discover all the blockages that have been holding you back from attracting your soulmate


Release and Create Space - Follow the action plan that we create during your session and create space for your soulmate


Cosmically order Mr Right - Get specific with your soulmate requirements and trust that he will come

in divine timing.

What's Included

90 Min Zoom Session


Recording of our session


Tools and resources

Image by Nathan Dumlao
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