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Soul Purpose Reading

Discover your soul purpose, uncover your hidden gifts and talents that you are meant to share with the world so that you can work with your passions.

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Are you feeling lost and unfulfilled?

You know there is more to life but you don't know where to start?

You know you have a greater purpose but you have no idea what it is or how to uncover it?

During this reading we will uncover what your soul is really calling you to do. We will dig deep into your hidden talents, your strengths, your weaknesses and the unique gifts you were given to share with the world.


A Soul Purpose Reading will help you to:

Uncover your unique gifts

Live your soul's purpose

Know what you need to let go of

Understand your blocks

Understand your weaknesses

Understand your life's lessons

Understand your life's calling

Help you to fulfil your purpose

Know your hidden strengths

Understand your fears

Follow your purpose

Move your life foreward

Know what to focus on

Discover your talents

Gain clarity

Jane Wilts

Suzi your reading was so confident, accurate and helpful. Love the way you picked up on things so accurately, but gave some real practical advice too. I will be in touch with updates! Suzi is clearly talented, not only was my reading accurate it was like a life coach session too! One of the best. Seriously.


A fantastic clairvoyant psychic who is spot on, has a great demeanor and way of delivering information and is just a pleasure to speak with.  She was able to pick up below the surface and give me tons of insights.

Debora Barlow

Thank you for my session today. You gave me so much clarity and direction to move forward in my purpose and the passion I have to help others with their health/wellness. I absolutely loved my reading and you was right on target with my mental blocks and how to work through them and to do the steps outlined in my reading to pursue my passion in the health industry. You are amazing. Thank you

What's Included

1 hour Zoom Reading

Recording of your reading

Any tools and resources you may need to help you to move forward.

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