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Soul Prosperity Activator

Tell me, Is this you?

↠  Your sick of living pay-check to pay-check.

↠ You are struggling to earn money consistently

↠ You crave consistent cashflow, but you never know how much you're going to bring in each month.

↠ You're exhausted trying to increase your income, with no results.

↠ You feel like you have to hustle to bring in any kind of income

↠ You are over giving with minimal return

↠ You're trapped in a mindset of scarcity, smallness, and suffering.

What if you could experience

💞 No more hustling for money as you align your energy to the energy of money and prosperity

💞 Transform your energy from attracting lack and scarcity to aligned and prosperous


💞 Clear all resistance to how money flows into your life


💞 Create a consistent flow of cash, so you never have to live pay-check to pay-check EVER again...


 💞 Live your life from a place of alignment, prosperity and flow

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💲  Introducing 💲
Soul Prosperity Activator

Here is what it looks like

↠ Money Flow - We journey into your prosperity room inside the Akashic Records to discover how you react to money, and what is holding you back from allowing money to flow.


We travel to a past life to understand where you money issues began and with the help of the healing guides we will clear all vows, agreements, contracts, emotions and blockages. Your guides will also give you an exercise to complete.


↠ Money Story - We will uncover your money story inside the Records and will discover the root of your money story and who has had an impact on your story.


We will look at energetic debt and the root cause of your physical dept. Your guides will give you a new money story in the form of an empowering statement.


Again we will work with the healing guides to remove everything that is no longer in your highest good


↠ Money Love - We travel into the records to discover what money would like you to know. We will look at your future financial timeline and what you can do to improve your relationship to money.


Again we clear everything that is no longer in your highest good with the help of the healing guides. Are you ready to activate money flow and prosperity in your life?

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1 x 3 hour


3 x 1 hour

recorded zoom session/s

Workbook, worksheets and homework to help you after our sessions have finished

Meditations and mantras to raise your money vibration

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What's Included?


Soul Prosperity Activator

Suzi has a beautiful personality and is very connected to Source energy!! She has a passion for, and belief in the power of the Akashic Records and Tarot. I was very fortunate to have 3 very powerful sessions with Suzi on prosperity. I was blown away by how quickly she was able to connect with my guides and spirits and deliver crystal clear messages. Her channelling gift is phenomenal!!

She was able to translate everything she received in a way that I could understand and relate to in my situation. Suzi uncovered a deep-seated belief that was holding me back from creating the success and wealth that I desired. Since my sessions, I am noticing profound evidence of the ways in which I am becoming a magnet to success and wealth. It has given me a new sense of vitality and excitement. I feel that my inner flame has been ignited!

Suzi is clearly a very gifted healer and a powerful alchemist!! I am deeply grateful!


I had a on/off relationship with money. Always a sharp intake if breath when I checked my bank balance or if a bill arrived. Always counting the pennies to the end of the month. Clients were inconsistent and so therefore was my income.

Chatting about this with Suzi, she suggested her Soul Prosperity Activator, curious to know more she explained how using the Akashic Records she could help me to activate my prosperity.

It sounded just what I needed, and I wasn’t wrong, I worked with her to clear the money blocks, some I didn’t know I had and to release the old money story. I was given a new money story by my guides. The release was so quick.

I continue to do the practices that Suzi gave me, and they are so easy to do. I am now noticing the money flow and consistent clients coming in. Yesterday I looked at my bank balance and actually smiled.


Suzi has a relaxed way of working with you putting you at ease immediately.  I love my new Soul Prosperity as I know you will

Marion Morley

Payment Options

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Pay In Full



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Pay In Installments


£199 x 3

Only available for 3 x 1 hour sessions

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I would totally recommend Suzi's Akashic money reading (Soul Prosperity Activator) . I found it really helpful knowing where my money limitations have come from. I loved going into the Akashic record and receiving all the messages and insights. I found the workbook extremely helpful and the audios and I'm still using them know. If you want to dive into your money story these are great sessions to book.

Esme Addams

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