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Soul Client Reading

A Soul Client Reading helps you to identify and understand your soul client on a soul level


You know that you need to be working with your soul clients but fear and guilt are stopping you from leaving unfulfilling clients behind you.


You have followed the gurus advice and have a client avatar but that doesn’t help you to understand or connect with your soul client.


When you understand exactly who your soul client is and what makes them tick you can call them to you and your services with ease and joy.


Let me help!

As a business owner and intuitive, I’ve helped many entrepreneurs understand who their soul clients are and how to connect with them.


I know how challenging it can be to fully understand who your soul clients are and how to connect with them to call them in effortlessly.


You’ll spend hours working on a client avatar. Then, if you’re like most, you’ll spend ages second-guessing yourself and wondering if you have really got your soul client right

It Doesn't have to be this way! 


With proper guidance you will acquire the insight, clarity, and intuition necessary to know and understand your soul client intimately and be confident you made the right, authentic choice that will lead to your success.

A Soul Client Reading Will Help you to:

Identify who your soul clients are

I will give you crystal clear clarity into the kind of person she really is, her daily struggles, her biggest fears and her goals and wishes. Allowing you to connect with her easily and authentically. Helping you to release the fear, doubt and indecision that is holding you back from connecting with your soul clients.


You will know how to attract them based on what they need, and perhaps even more importantly – how to let go of clients who no longer nourish your soul. So that you can be in alignment with your soul clients and your business

Understand who your clients are

You will understand exactly who your soul clients are at a core level so that you can connect to them emotionally making it easier for you to call them into your services.


Allow yourself to step into your authenticity and serve the soul clients that nourish your soul and build your business with ease and joy..

Discover exactly who your soul clients are so that you can call them into your services quickly and easily

Does Jared love me Will Jared reach out to me Will Jared and I have a family together (2).


A Heart full of Gratitude and a huge THANK YOU to you Suzi Edwards for such an incredible Soul Client reading !!!  I am amazed and feel so on task at the amount of confirmation that came up in the cards .... Everything was 100% bang on, in everything that I offer from the menu of services with my business called Your Business Connections -alongside my clients who are all self employed ~ which was especially rewarding having an understanding and clarity in what my Soul Clients are ... This soul client reading has allowed me to feel so on purpose, with confidence and excitement just knowing that all I have been putting into place this last year is manifesting !!!  I will definitely be referring some family, friends and other women in business ~ + clients to book their own reading to inspire them as you have me with your gift of insight and that which is gifted through the tarot through you and spirit.  I feel like a million bucks and encourage all the other babes to check out the readings  With Gratitude Carol 

Carol Roberts

A few weeks ago I had an intuitive guidance session with Suzi, after launching my new business as a Celebrant. During the reading, and directly after, I was blown away by her insights and the information that was coming though- Suzi was describing EXACTLY my ideal client and gave the breakdown on marketing to (read: attracting!) her. There is no tangible planning session or demographic analysis that could even begin to scratch the surface of what Suzi told me. It has been four weeks since the reading, and from what my business was, to what it is now is mind-blowing, there is no physical way I could have attracted the clients that are coming through. I was contracted to a Funeral Home (I do funerals as well as weddings), and had three ladies completely out of the blue ring for an initial consultation. As all busineses do , I asked where they heard of me- and all three of them replied "I don't know, I just seemed to have your number". All three clients have booked, and all three clients are the EXACT woman Suzi described in her reading with me. What people spend hours of research, planning and budgeting for client attraction- came through Suzi in an hour. If you are on the fence about booking- do it! Having the appointment with Suzi, trusting the guidance and having a plan come through has saved me countless hours and quite a substantial sum advertising-wise. Suzi- thank you for your guidance. I cannot begin to tell you how things have improved for myself, and my business. 

Jo Barrett-Lennard

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Thank you Suzi for the Soul Client reading you have just given me. I had goosebumps all the way through and so many aha moments. The reading took me down a road I had not considered in my work, showing me who my Soul Client is and painting a very clear picture of who she is and what she really wants and what she is afraid of Such insight and detail I can’t thank you enough. Also a lot of the reading also resonated where I am on my journey. A must reading to have Thank you x

Marion Morley

Are you ready to understand your soul clients on a soul level so that you can call them into your services with ease and joy?

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Who is this reading for?

Coaches, lightworkers, spiritual entrepreneurs, tarot readers, oracle card readers, healers etc.

Whats included?

  • 60 min reading


  • Recording of our reading


  • Tools and resources

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