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Imagine standing at the threshold of a life where every choice, every step, and every breath aligns perfectly with the deepest desires of your soul. A life where the shadows of doubt, fear, and restriction are replaced by a radiant light of clarity, power, and freedom.

This isn't just a distant dream—it's your birthright, waiting to be reclaimed.

Perhaps you're navigating the aftermath of narcissistic encounters in your personal life or workplace, feeling a profound disconnection from the person you once were—or the one you aspire to be.

You might be wrestling with questions of self-worth, silenced by doubts and fears that were never yours to carry.

Yet, within you burns a quiet flame, a lingering whisper of your true potential, a life filled with passion, purpose, and authentic power.

Imagine breaking free from these chains, not just to survive but to thrive, to rebuild your life on the foundation of your deepest truths and dreams.

What if you could rediscover and reclaim your soul's blueprint, stepping into a future where every decision and direction resonates with your highest self?

Know that a brighter, more fulfilling path lies ahead. It's time to awaken to your true potential, to peel back the layers of your soul's blueprint and step into the life you were destined to live—a life where your past does not define your future, but empowers it.

Welcome to the Soul Blueprint Reading and Activation, where your journey of healing and empowerment begins. Here, we don't just dream of a life aligned with our true essence—we create it.


Embarking on a soul blueprint reading is more than just a journey into the metaphysical; it's a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Understanding your soul blueprint helps to:

Navigate Life with Purpose: With clarity on your soul's mission and purpose, you can make choices that resonate deeply with your true self, creating a life filled with joy and fulfilment.

Unlock Your Potential: By acknowledging your soul's gifts and lessons, you can harness your innate abilities and overcome challenges, propelling you towards your greatest potential.

Heal and Harmonise: Recognising soul wounds and misalignments allows for profound healing, aligning your life with your soul's vibration and fostering inner peace.

Break Free from Limitations: Identifying and releasing negative thought forms and patterns empowers you to move beyond self-imposed limitations, opening the door to endless possibilities.

Live Authentically: Discovering who your soul desires to be guides you to live authentically, making decisions that reflect your true essence and desires.

Your soul blueprint is the key to unlocking an amazing life filled with purpose, passion, and peace. Let me guide you on this transformative journey to uncover the mysteries of your soul, leading you to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Soul Origin:

Discover the roots of your soul at the time of incarnation, offering insights into your innate nature and how it influences your journey.


Uncover the number of lifetimes you've experienced, providing context to your soul's evolution and lessons.

Soul Expression:

Explore how your soul uniquely expresses itself in the physical world, enhancing your understanding of your personal strengths and how to best utilize them.

Soul Vibration:

Tap into the frequency of your soul, revealing how your energy impacts your experiences and relationships.

Soul Mission & Purpose:

Clarify your soul's mission and purpose, aligning your life's path with your deepest intentions and aspirations.

Soul Gifts & Lessons:

Identify the gifts and lessons your soul has acquired, empowering you to navigate life with wisdom and grace.

Soul Number:

Discover the core number that reveals your innermost desires, motivations, and the underlying forces behind your actions and attitudes.

Soul Wounds & Misalignments:

Recognize areas of healing, helping you to overcome obstacles and realign with your soul's essence.

Negative Thought Forms & Programs:

Address and release limiting beliefs and patterns that hinder your progress towards fulfilment.

True Self & Desires:

Unearth who your soul aspires to be, illuminating the path to embodying your authentic self.

Biggest Blocks & Soul Contracts:

Identify and resolve the significant blockages and pre-life agreements that shape your life's journey.

Why Understanding Your Soul Blueprint is Vital:

Your Personal Soul Blueprint Reading Includes:

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What's Included

A comprehensive Soul Blueprint Written PDF that delves into your soul's history, purpose, gifts, and challenges.

A Soul Blueprint Activation MP3, to support the integration and activation of your soul's blueprint.

A comprehensive Soul Blueprint Written PDF that delves into your soul's history, purpose, gifts, and challenges.

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Just recently Suzi did a Soul Blueprint reading for me which gave me insights into some of the challenges and issues I have had in my life. This made me realise why I sometimes feel blocked or stuck.

Just before the reading I was wondering about my current career and whether it was truly what I want to do. I am passionate about what I do but something didn't quite sit right and after the reading the opportunities that I could see, made me feel as if my energies were flowing again and helped me see more clearly how I could make changes which would help me feel as if I was doing what I want to be doing. I felt excited about the possibilities and how things could be more suited for me and the people that I help.

Suzi has helped me through various challenges with both my personal life and with my business prior to this reading through the Akashic records, which I have found amazing and transformative at times. She delivers the information needed in a caring and sensitive way, but can also bring fun and light-heartened into it so that you can feel more at ease and empowered to follow your journey.

Helen Adams

Suzi is a great intuitive coach and guide. Gave me just the right amount of support I needed by guiding me through akashic healing sessions and asking the right questions but letting me engage into and explore my own records too. I can say that my life has changed. I have changed. I gained more space and confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and really reach for what I want. I felt motivated to spend more time tending to my soul and I now feel more connected to myself and the Universe. I am looking forward to working with Suzi more in the future.


"Experiencing a relationship reading with Suzy was incredible.  She confirmed certain things I already knew in a way that gently called me to revisit them with a new lens.  She was bang on identifying how I'm feeling in my relationship.  The biggest gift she gave me was a deep understanding of how the energies of my past lives and the current choices we are making are negatively affecting my relationship right now and how I can move through them.  But my favourite part of the reading is receiving information about how my relationship with my husband is supporting my Soul growth.  Just so precious in knowing how to support each other!  If you are looking for an energetic landscape of your relationship because something feels "off", or because you want to strengthen your relationship, Suzi's reading will be amazing to give you that clarity you need on how to move forward!  I highly recommend her to everyone!"


Ana Maria Janes

Who is this reading for?

This reading is for individuals who feel a deep yearning for alignment and understanding within themselves, particularly those who:

  • Seek Deeper Self-Understanding: You're on a quest to dive deep into the core of your being, to understand your true desires and motivations beyond the surface level of everyday life.

  • Crave Alignment with Inner Desires: You sense a gap between your current reality and the life you deeply desire. You're seeking to bridge this gap by aligning your choices, career, and relationships with your soul's true urges.

  • Feel Misaligned or Unfulfilled: If you've been feeling unfulfilled, restless, or as if there's something more to life, this reading can help clarify what your soul is seeking for a more fulfilling and purpose-driven existence.

  • Are at a Crossroads: For those standing at life's crossroads, feeling uncertain about which path to take, this reading can offer clarity and direction based on your innermost desires and spiritual purpose.

  • Wish to Overcome Challenges: If you're facing personal, professional, or spiritual challenges, understanding your soul number can provide insights into your inherent strengths and how you can leverage them to navigate life's hurdles.

  • Desire to Maximize Potential: Individuals looking to tap into and maximize their potential will find this reading illuminates areas of life where they can express their true selves most fully and effectively.

Essentially, this reading is for anyone eager to live a more authentic, aligned, and purposeful life by understanding the profound desires and motivations that emanate from the soul. It's for those ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, guided by the deep wisdom of their soul's code.

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Ciao I'm Suzi

I guide individuals on a transformative journey towards self-empowerment and fulfillment. My passion lies in helping you rediscover your inner strength, embrace your unique gifts, and align with your true purpose. Whether you've faced challenges in personal relationships or felt restricted in your professional life, my mission is to support you in breaking free from those bounds.

Through deep, intuitive work, we'll navigate the landscapes of your life, healing past wounds and unlocking the potential for a future crafted on your terms. I specialize in guiding women to step into their power, create lives of freedom and fulfillment, and transform their passions into purpose-driven businesses.

Join me, and together let's embark on a journey of discovery, healing, and empowerment, creating a life that not only resonates with your soul but also brings your dreams into reality.

Welcome to a space where your transformation begins.

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