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A powerful clearing inside the akashic records


The Akashic records hold all vows we have made in all of our lifetimes. At the time of making these vows they would have been important to us but they are not serving us in this lifetime.


Many of us have made vows of poverty in past lives that are affecting our money making and receiving abilities in this life time.


We make these vows for all sorts of reasons,


Maybe you were a monk or a nun and gave up all our worldly goods and vowed to live in poverty in that life time.


Maybe you were a witch living in the times of the witch hunts and vowed to never charge for your gifts and vowed to live in poverty instead,


There are many reasons we take a vow of poverty. The important thing is to remove it!

If you would like to know more about past lives and in which lives you made vows that are affecting you check out my past life reading. 



By clearing these vows in your Akashic records you are clearing blocks and opening yourself up to recieving more money in your life and your business.

Vow of Poverty Akashic Clearing

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