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Unlock Abundance with a Transformative Akashic Records Clearing


Embark on a profound journey of liberation with our transformative Akashic Records clearing session. Within the ethereal vaults of the Akashic Records lie the vows of lifetimes past—promises once made with purpose, yet now they hinder our prosperity and growth in the present.


Many of us carry the weight of ancient vows of poverty, unconsciously dictating our capacity for wealth and abundance today. Whether in a past life you walked the earth as a monk or nun, renouncing material wealth, or as a healer during the witch hunts, vowing never to profit from your gifts, these promises have imprinted on our souls, shaping our financial realities.


But the power to change is within your grasp.


Our Akashic Records clearing is a key to unlocking your potential, meticulously designed to dissolve these outdated vows. By clearing these energetic blocks, you pave the way for a life where receiving money and success becomes not just possible, but natural and effortless.


Imagine opening the doors to:

  • A flow of abundance that aligns with your true path
  • Enhanced capacity to attract wealth and opportunities
  • Liberation from unseen barriers to your financial success
  • A profound sense of freedom and readiness to embrace prosperity


This session is more than a simple clearing; it's an invitation to rewrite your destiny, to transform your relationship with money, and to step into the abundance that is your birthright.


Embrace the journey toward financial liberation and let the power of the Akashic Records guide you to a future where abundance is not just a dream, but your new reality.

Vow of Poverty Akashic Clearing

  • Mp3 audio file, instant download

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