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A digital kit to allow you to read tarot confidently and intuitively. This is a digital product - All files are downloadable. You can print these files or use on Ipad or tablet with an app like Goodnotes. All the tools you need to increase your tarot skills and read the Tarot intuitively and professionally. Each of the tools included in this toolbox will help you to connect with you cards so that you can read confidently.I have created all of these tools to help my students to read tarot their way. The general meanings to cards are included in the cheatsheets, but it is important that you create your own intuitive meanings for the cards and what they mean to you! These tools will allow your cards to speak to you so that you can read your cards your way and be able to read them intuitively, confidently and professionally.

Daily Tarot JournalWork with a card each day to understand its meaning to you and to fully connect with each of the cards in the deck.

Three Card Spreads - A collection of 3 card spreads to help you to offer mini readings and get comfortable with reading.

Tarot Journa - lA fun way to connect with your cards and discover what you need to know/do/be to create the life you want

Tarot Cheatsheets - Printouts you can keep handy when you need a bit of inspiration or are feeling a little stuck.

Blank Cheatsheets - Create your own intuitive meanings for the cards.

The Fools Journey - Take a journey through the Major Arcana and understand its relevance to our lifes and the cycles we must all go through to learn and grow. Instant download

Tarot Digital Toolkit

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