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Embark on a transformative journey with our 54-page Zodiac Moon Tarot Workbook for 2024. This digital and printable journal is specially crafted for the new and full moons, leveraging their distinct astrological energies for personal development and manifestation.

Instant Digital Download: Available in A4 and US Letter sizes, perfect for tablets, iPads (like Goodnotes), or traditional print.

Journey Through the Lunar Year:

Introduction to lunar cycles and tarot wisdom.
Reflection and release for 2023, setting intentions for 2024.
A 'Power Word' for the year to inspire and guide.
New and Full Moon tarot spreads tailored to the zodiac signs.
In-depth journaling pages for each New and Full Moon.


Transformative Benefits:

Utilize the unique energies of each New and Full Moon for growth and clarity.
Engage with specific tarot spreads for deeper insights.
Document your journey with reflective journaling.
Align your goals with the cosmic rhythm of 2024.
Ideal for tarot lovers and those on a path of self-discovery, this workbook melds lunar magic with tarot's wisdom for an empowering year of transformation.


Tarot and the Moon

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