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In this reading I will explore a past life that may be impeding you in this life. In this reading I will look at one past life that is affecting your life or business now.

We will look at:

Who you were,

When you were born,

How and when you died,

How are where you lived,

Your karma and karmic debt,

Any vows, contract or agreements you made,

Your life lessons,

What is relevant to your life now,

What needs healing,

What is ready to be healed.

 During your reading I will connect to my healing guides to clear and heal all vows, contracts, agreements and anything else that is ready for healing.

You will receive a pdf report with all the information I retrieve from your records.

🦋 I will need your full name, DOB and permission to vist your Akashic Records..

Past Life Akashic Record Reading and Healing

  • After booking you will recieve a digital file with info.

    Your reading will be completed within 3 business day and sent to your email address.

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