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Have you been feeling lost or unfulfilled lately?

Have you wondered what your Life Purpose is? Do you wonder how do you naturally make a positive difference in the lives of others? What is the special gift you have to offer to the world?

This Life Purpose Reading is done in the Akashic Records and is a perfect introduction to the energy of the Records.


What We Look at In The Life Purpose Reading

🌟 Your Soul's purpose?
🌟Your unique gift and talents?
🌟Your current life theme or lesson?
🌟Your biggest blocks?
🌟Your strengths and weaknesses?
🌟Past lessons you need to learn?
🌟How to follow your purpose?
🌟What are my soul gifts?
🌟How many spirit guides do I have?
🌟What is my soul family?
🌟What past lives are affecting me right now?

This reading will give you great insight into who you are at your core, What you are here to do, and what lessons you are here to learn.

You will receive a pdf report with all the information I retrieve from your records.

🦋 I will need your full name, DOB and permission to access your records.

Life Purpose Akashic Record Reading

  • After booking you will recieve a digital file with info.

    Your reading will be completed within 3 business day and sent to your email address.

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