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Upright & Reverse meanings for your tarot cards to use as an online guide or download and print. The Tarot is an incredibly powerful tool for spiritual development, personal insight, empowerment and change. I know that working with the Tarot can help you to transform your life and business. Create powerful change and help others to do the same. I have created these cheat sheets to help you to learn tarot and connect with the cards with ease. These are a great reference tool as you begin to learn the cards and your own interpretation of the cards.Each of the cards has both upright and reverse keywords to help you to remember what each card stands for at a glance. This is a pdf that can be printed, laminated and kept handy for your reference or you can use on your tablet and Ipad with an app like Goodnotes. A4 and US Letter Size. In this set I have used Legacy of the Divine Tarot, my favourite deck, and the deck I use to teach my students how to read intuitively and confidently.

Digital Tarot Cheat Sheets

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