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Do you have burning questions you would like the answers to?


Maybe you would like to know:

🌟 How previous lives are still affecting you now.

🌟 What do I need to know right now?
🌟What do I need to learn right now?
🌟What is one of my greatest Lessons to learn in this life?
🌟What’s limiting me from manifesting greater abundance?
🌟What is my current relationship teaching me?
🌟Why has it been so hard for me to stand up for myself in this lifetime?
🌟Is there any money Karma I need to heal?
🌟What are my soul gifts?
🌟How many spirit guides do I have?
🌟What is my soul family?
🌟What past lives are affecting me right now?

An Akashic record reading can provide clarity, guidance and advice towards what current energies are causing issues and challenges within a particular life situation by accessing your hall of records.

Your Akashic Records are the record of your soul’s journey from the time of its creation up to the current moment. The Akashic Records contain an energetic imprint of every action, spoken word, thought, and intention generated by your soul in this and every other lifetime. The Hall of Akashic Records is the “database” or etheric field where every soul’s records are stored.

You will receive a written PDF reading, this is NOT a face to face reading.

🦋 I will need your full name, DOB and your 3 questions.

This reading will give you great insight into what you need to know to help you with any problems or issues that are showing up in your life right now. Or can give you guidance into your next steps forward in life of business.,


Akashic Records 3 Question reading

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