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Using tarot for love readings.

Have you ever felt frustration with your love life? Maybe that’s a silly question! Most of us have been frustrated with our relationships at some point or another over the course of our lives. Are you still waiting for the perfect partner to enter your life, or feeling stuck in a rut after years and years with someone? Or perhaps it’s something in between. Shakespeare said ‘the course of true love doesn’t run smooth’ (or something very like that) and we all know it to be true. So how could tarot possibly help?

Drawing tarot cards and asking for a ‘love tarot spread’ from your Diviner is a great way to start answering some of the questions you may have on your mind. It really doesn’t matter what your relationship situation is right now, you can use tarot cards to guide you through all the stages of your love life.

What should you ask the cards?

Well, this will depend on your situation. You can ask the cards a very specific question……or you can ask for a more general spread to look at various aspects of your potential compatibility in a new relationship or to divine just what might be causing problems in an existing relationship that doesn’t have quite the same energy as it used to.

Sometimes, you may discover that the resistance or discomfort that is being manifest is coming from within yourself, or it may be from the other person. You can draw cards that relate to you and also to your partner, (or intended). Do bear in mind that you may not always like the answers you get…..but the whole point of seeking clarification is to guide you towards making better decisions in the future. I have found that love readings go best when I have spent some time getting to know the questioner in advance and we can be honest and open in what the situation is and what we’d like the outcome to be.

Don’t forget, tarot will help you to understand a situation, it won’t allow you to control things entirely to your liking…..

I’m often asked questions that are impossible to answer, certainly in a way that I feel doesn’t compromise my integrity. So I encourage the questioner to really think about what information would help them to move forwards.

If the question is ‘will he ever reply to my message’, chances are you already know the answer and sadly, it’s probably going to be a ‘no’. The card you draw isn’t going to change human nature! There are always exceptions of course and here are a few ideas of questions you may want to think about asking in your own reading:

  1. What is my current relationship energy?

  2. What is my main worry or fear about the relationship?

  3. Are there areas where I’m making things worse without wanting to?

  4. What could I do to release this negative energy?

  5. What will my life look like when after letting the negative energy go?

If you are more interested in finding a new partner than exploring an existing relationship, then the questions will be somewhat different:

  1. What sort of partner am I looking for?

  2. What qualities does that person have?

  3. What attracts me to a person in the first place?

  4. Do I already know the person who would be a perfect partner for me?

  5. What can I do to open myself up to love?

What else can I do besides tarot?

For many years, roses, (and red ones in particular) have been associated with love. Of course, flowers are lovely, but they fade with time. Use a few drops of Rose essential oil in a candle burner or bath water to create a warm and meditative atmosphere…… let you mind slowly turn over some of the important relationship questions you want to be answered at a forthcoming reading.

Rose quartz is also associated with positive love energy; both for self-love and for relationship love….so have a piece on your desk, in your pocket or wherever you spend most time. You can use the stone as a focus for meditation.

If you would like to know more about your love life and book a tarot reading to focus on it, click HERE!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend

Suzi xoxo


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