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Using an Akashic Reading to explore your past life

I often get into conversations with people who tell me that they just can’t break patterns of behaviour, no matter how hard they try. They follow rituals, write their intentions in journals and offer them to the Universe, but somehow, life seems to go round in circles. It’s at this point that I suggest it may be worth exploring a past life with the help of an Akashic Reading to try and break the cycle once and for all and to allow the path ahead to clear in order for them to develop in the ways they want to.

Unfortunately, the way we behaved or were treated in a past life can still have repercussions for our current lives. By undergoing an Akashic Reading we can look at a past life that is causing trouble and devise a plan for leaving it behind.

So, just what are the Akashic Records?

Can you get a copy from your local library? Or download them from the internet? Well, no…. they are not tangible, but they ARE an energetic library of information that span past lives, present incarnations and future possibilities.

You may wonder how it’s possible to access this information. I prepare myself for an Akashic Reading session by meditating and tuning into my guides. They will allow me to link up with the correct ‘section of the library’ through my own channels of communication and view the history and energies of the person I am reading for. Many times, the person I am reading for can feel the energy too, it’s one of the most powerful ways of interacting with the Universe. Even if you don’t easily feel the energies around us, I’m able to see and feel your energy changing as we go through the reading.

What type of information can you find in the Akashic Records?

I like to read the records about past life behaviours and how they are still influencing the present. This information allows us to understand the vows and agreements we have made in our past lives. Many of us don’t take the time to really assess the choices we make and the behaviours we use in our daily life. Learning which of these traits are being influenced by the past will create an opportunity to tune into a different set of possibilities.

Part of my role in reading the Akashic Records is to perceive and interpret the potential of the person I’m reading for. Before we do our reading, I can suggest some specific questions you may want to ask and areas that you want to explore, based on the difficulties that you are facing right now.

Undergoing an Akashic Records reading can gently and supportively remove these barriers and remind you of who you are. We all have a soul-level truth and this will allow to reconnect with yours. A re-introduction to who you really are, not who you have become through the pressures and stresses of life.

Is it easier to read some people’s Akashic Records than others?

The simple answer is ‘yes’. Sometimes we all find a person a little more difficult to have a conversation with and it’s often because our energies aren’t quite in tune. It will help if you are in a positive and open frame of mind and can approach the reading with a relaxed and positive outlook.

During an Akashic Records reading with me, we will look at:

Who you were and when you were born. How and where you lived and died. The karmic debt you are surrounded by and any vows, contracts or agreements you made that could still be affecting your behaviour.

We’ll uncover your life lessons and raise your energies to harness what you already know and channel it into directing a better future. We’ll determine what is relevant to your life now and which aspects of your being need healing and what is ready to be healed and left behind.

I’ll be connected to my healing guides to clear and heal all vows, contracts, agreements and anything else that is ready for healing.

What do you need to do?

Before we start our reading, it’s good for you to be clear about what you hope to learn and any specific changes you’d like to make. You can ask about any aspect of your life: relationships, family, career, health. But be prepared for the fact that the Akashic Records may also have information they think it’s important for you to know. Answers are always forthcoming, and they can sometimes be surprising!!!

So, check out the web page for descriptions of the various Akashic Records readings and contact me today.

Have a wonderful week

Suzi xoxo

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