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Tarot: You and your life - how you can unlock the power of tarot to steer your life.

My relationship with tarot started as a teenager. Guide book in hand and with a deck I’d found in a

second hand shop, I tried to use the cards to see if the boy I fancied would fancy me back or if it was

likely I’d pass my exams, despite the fact that I hadn’t studied very much at all. I imagine you can

guess the result, even without a tarot card to hand!

But as I’ve got older and opened up my mind and body to the power of the universe, tarot has

guided me more and more, from love and soul partner questions to how to change my life by

moving to Italy from the UK and creating the life I had always dreamed of.

What I have learnt is that tarot gives me objectivity and a friend to rely on when times are tough.

Learning the power of my own deck, (in fact, I now have a number of different decks for different

purposes) and how and when to use it has helped me steer my life through many obstacles and into

calmer waters.

Sometimes, it just takes a single card to set life on a new course. Stuck in a very deep rut in England I

turned to my cards and looked for guidance on what to do to change things. For me, back in 2016,

the ‘Star’ changed everything – a card that represents change, hope and a strong indication that

things will come right in the end. Within weeks I had packed up my life, bought a house in the Italian

countryside and set off with my most important belongings (not to mention a child) packed into the

car! I realised that things would be tough, but this apparently drastic and hasty action has set me on

a course to building the life I want and, more importantly, a life that is under my control and not

anyone else’s.

So what is it about tarot that is so transformational? First and foremost, you have to be open to the

power within the cards. But of course, it’s not the cards themselves, it’s the power of the person

holding and/or interpreting them. The more familiar you become with your own deck of cards, the

more likely you are to be able to divine their meaning and harness the power within. Believing that

the cards will empower you to take and make your own decisions is the first step on the road to a

greater understanding of yourself and the world around you. You will find your intuition is

heightened and you’ll be able to make more sense of the signs around you.

Another thing I have seen is that people are impatient; I am impatient at times, we all can be

impatient when things don’t go our way!! But a simple ‘yes/no’ answer isn’t always going to reveal

itself to the questions you have. Tarot will help you to make sense of the different aspects of your

life – whether it’s career, love, money, home-life or health. Using tarot will help you to overcome

barriers and identify the blocks that have been holding you back. You’ll learn to build a life that

connects you to the rest of the world in a more spiritual way. The first step is to find yourself a tarot

deck that you feel drawn to, take the time to look at different decks and if you possibly can, look at

different decks personally, rather than online.

Once you have your own deck, spend some time with the cards…..spread them out, get to know the

pictures and variations. Don’t worry about trying to ‘read’ them. The more time you spend handling

your cards, (or simply carrying them around with you in a pocket), the better connection you will be

making. The next step is where I hope I can help you……joining one of my tarot courses will guide

you through everything you need to know.

Are you ready to start your own Tarot journey?

Learning to read Tarot will be one of the most transformational, life changing journeys you will ever experience.

Tarot can guide you in all areas of your life, career and business as well as your spiritual journey. It will give you guidance, insight and clarity to help you to move closer to your dreams.

Join me in my 6 week intuitive Tarot course where you will learn to read the cards intuitively and confidently. This 6 week course is live with me via Zoom and is only open to 10 people so be sure to book your space quickly before the spaces fill up.

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