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Money Blocks And The Akashic Record

Are you experiencing feast and famine cycles? Are you having abundance blocks that are preventing you from manifesting what you want? Or maybe there is more month left at the end of your money?

A powerful way of removing money and abundance blocks is through the Akashic Records.

Abundance blocks can manifest in the following ways…

You are stuck and unable to achieve a breakthrough, no matter how much effort you put in.

You are experiencing feast and famine cycles.

Opportunities don’t seem to be coming your way.

There is never any money at the end of the month.

You have to hold on to money as you don't know when more money is going to come in.

You don't have money to spend on yourself or the things you need.

Sales are inconsistent in your business.

You just find it hard to trust that the Universe is abundant, no matter what spiritual teachers tell you.

You feel you don't deserve or you are not worthy of money

You spend time a lot of time thinking about and worrying about money putting your into a downward negative cycle.

Maybe You keep reverting back to your old beliefs, despite having attended workshop, programs and working on your money mindset.

Feeling out of alignment with money

If abundance and money blocks have been holding you back for a long time, you may be tempted to think that you are not destined to live a great life or that there is nothing that you can do about your fate.

Before you give up on the idea that abundance and money are just not available to you consider the following.

  • Investigate if there are deeper root causes to your inability to manifest money abundance

  • Your blocks could be rooted in the past, i.e past lives

  • Consider looking at ancestral linage to see if the blocks were passed down

  • Look at negative patterns that you are constantly trapped in…They could be Karmic

  • Let go of negative or toxic relationships, people and situations in your life

  • How you treat money!

Money and abundance blocks occur both in this life time and past life times. and they can also be past down through your ancestral linage. Blocks from this life time you are likely aware of and have no doubt worked on. Blocks from past life times are more tricky as you will not know about them until you look more deeply into them. One way to do this is through an Akashic Record Reading.

In past lifetimes you may have made some vows, agreements and contracts that would have served you in that lifetime but are no longer in your highest good now. These are the blocks that need to be removed E.G.

Vow of poverty

Vow to never use your gifts

Vow of invisibility ( fear of persecution if you use your gifts)

Vow of servitude (to work hard for others)

Alongside the vows you may have made agreements or cntracts

I will never use my gifts for money

I will never use my gifts for myself (healers oath)

I will never charge for my services

I will never be rich / wealthy / abundant

Fears will also be attached to these

Fear of persecution (witch wound)

Fear of recognition (witch wound)

Fear of success

Fear of failure

Fear of of not being good enough

These are just a very few examples of the vows and agreements we may make and some of the fears we may hold on to.

All of these can be healed and released in an Akashic Record Reading allowing you to fully step into your abundance and call money / clients in with ease.

Here is what some clients have said:

Time spent with Suzi is well worth the investment. She is a non-anxious presence able to offer insights and observations with kindness and confidence. Her demeanor builds trust quickly whether a person wants to share or simply listen. Working with Suzi will yield benefits ten-fold. I whole-heartedly recommend. Amber

I was lucky enough to have an Akashic Reading done by Suzi. I wanted to take a minute to describe my experience. It was unlike any other reading I had ever had done before. I was lead on a journey of discovery through my past lives by Suzi. We discussed two different time periods, and it was in them that it really became evident how the events in those lives shaped who I am today. I have always had an unexplainable fear of fire, and after discovering what had happened in one life, it really resonated with that fear appearing in this life. I was given the option to record the session which was also helpful to be able to go back and take it all in again. Suzi really took the time to take notes as we went through the discovery and spoke about it together to really help me work through what was holding me back now. She was able to give me tools to work with to be able to start to move forward. It is definitely something that I enjoyed and am glad to have had done. Nicole

Remove Abundance Blocks – Now It is time to remove all the blocks to abundance and money that are holding you back now so that you can attract more money, more clients, more success, more fulfilment and more joy.

Wishing you an abundant week

Suzi xoxo


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