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New Moon in Taurus

Not just a New Black Moon in Taurus – but a Solar Eclipse as well!

Those of you following the changes in our heavens and those born under the sign of Taurus will be affected by a spectacular event this Saturday, April 30th 2022 – as Taurus takes control of the heavens, there will be a Solar Eclipse at 21.38 UK time or 22.38 CET. Obviously, it’s dark in our (European) skies then, but the power of the eclipse, (which will be visible if you are in the States), will still influence our lives.

If you are already finding yourself surrounded by a new-found, whirling energy, it’s because the influences surrounding this event are strong. I’ve been feeling as if my world is about to turn upside down and I know I’m not alone. We all know that this time of year is associated with tide surges, capricious winds and changing temperatures, so instead of complaining that you never know what to wear when you head outdoors, take a moment to sit and absorb the power that the Universe is throwing out right now.

My blog from January 28th this year looked at New Moon rituals, so you can use this as the basis for your own meditations for this coming Black Moon – but what else does a Black Moon signify? While Black Moon is not an astronomical term, they are popular in astrology and witchcraft circles. The exact definition of a Black Moon is fairly ambiguous, and the phenomenon is actually quite rare.

A Black Moon most commonly refers to a second New Moon in any given calendar month.

Black Moons by this definition typically occur only once every 29 months or so, but depending on time zones, they may happen more or less often where you live.

What is the spiritual meaning of a Black Moon?

In astrology, your moon sign is indicative of your inner self, and each phase of the Moon affects your emotional responses. New Moons are associated with new beginnings and clean slates, so it stands to reason that a Black Moon is an extra opportunity to get some clarity and propel yourself forward.

If you’d like to take advantage of April’s solar eclipse and the accompanying new Moon in Taurus, I can help you! This is a perfect time for a personal tarot or Moon reading to help you assess just where your life is heading and to get guidance on any questions you may have.

So, what does the Solar Eclipses and New Moon signify in astrology?

A new moon is effectively the opposite of a full moon. The moon isn’t visible because it’s not being illuminated by the sun, (not from earth’s perspective anyway), so now is not the time to search the heavens for a glimpse of the Moon! Traditionally, this is seen as the perfect time to set goals, renew intentions and clarify our wishes for projects.

On occasions when a new moon also coincides with a solar eclipse, the moon also casts a shadow across part of the sun. So, the sun and moon are paired, rather than opposed as they would be with a lunar eclipse. This ‘double darkness’ creates a blank canvas in the heavens and in our lives and allows us to take some bold steps and maybe move in new and different directions.

You will feel your very being become charged with cosmic energy and your emotions and intuition will be heightened. Now is the time to trust your gut instincts and go with the flow. Motivation should come more easily to you, as should renewed commitment for changing the direction of your life. It’s important to remember that the strength of the Universe is in overall control during this time, so channel the feelings and intuition that are coming to you to help decide your future path. The messages will come to you if you let them!

Taurus is associated with high energy, so if you have fitness goals that you’ve been struggling to keep up with, then this is an ideal time to commit yourself to a programme that will get you where you want to be. Remember that old saying ‘procrastination is the thief of time?’ Well, never was it truer than when it refers to our intentions. It’s easy to think we have time and to delay some of the harder things we want to accomplish, but if you can take a little time to harness the higher energy of the Universe at this time of year and really commit to reaching your goals, you will soon start to see rewards.

Wishing you a magical week

Suzi xoxo

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