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Last Quarter Moon - What You Need To Know

The Last Quarter Moon is about seven days after the full moon. This is the time to seek balance and not to try anything new. It is a time to release and let go of any negativity, as well as things you no longer want or need. Also, a great time to get rid of anything that's not working - whether it's a situation, a physical item or a relationship that really isn't going anywhere.

With this in mind it is a good time to clear out cupboards, declutter and also to weed and clear out your garden. We are at the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and the pull to have a good spring clean is in the air.

For me, it is all about getting out in the garden and weeding, ready to plant my seeds with the new moon.

If you joined me for the full moon ritual or read my blog post Full Moon In Virgo you will know I spoke about the ending of the astrological year and a new year beginning. There is a great significance here. As I am clearing out the weeds and preparing for planting new seeds I am also mentally preparing myself for the start of the new astrological year and the start of new projects.

Energetically you may be feeling a bit low, un-motivated and looking for more fulfillment. Feeling less energised and a bit lower than usual, this is normal at this time of the moon's phase as the moon is decreasing in size and energy.

This is the last push of effort before we enter the low energy of the waning crescent moon.The moon's energy is growing smaller and preparing for the start of another cycle in a week's time, !st April 2022.

It is important to stress that this is still a time of taking action.

Here are some things the moon is encouraging you to do at this time:

Tie up any loose ends

Look at what you have learned so far (since the new moon)

Complete anything outstanding

Clear and cleanse

Let go of anything holding you back including bad habits, toxic people, negativity etc.

Take action



If you would like to learn more about the moon phases you can download my free guide

If you are ready to take your business to a whole new level and align both yourself and your business to the moon then please check out my Business by the Moon Course.

We start on 1st April

Wishing you an amazing week

Suzi xoxo

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