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Full Moon in Leo - February 16th 2022

Just two days after Valentine’s Day, we’ll be welcoming a Full Moon in Leo on February 16th 2022. Traditionally, the combination of a Full Moon and Leo provide an opportunity for love, creativity and personal expression – as well as the opportunity to move on from things that may not be serving you well. So, if your Valentine’s Day wasn’t all that you hoped for, we’ve got some ideas about how you can steer things going forward.

What does the full moon represent? As you know, the light from a full moon can be as clear as daylight on some occasions. The moon and sun are at opposite positions in the sky and signal a time of change, endings, revelations and of course, new beginnings.

The full moon gives us a chance to take stock and see how we thing our life’s journey is progressing. It’s a chance to alter the course we’re on and take more definitive steps for the future to make sure we reach our goals. If we can open our minds to the powers of the universe, we’ll find that we receive the guidance we need. It’s time to get closer to your wishes and dreams!

Of course, there are always positive and opposing forces at play and while the Full Moon is in Leo – representing pride, creativity and self-expression the sun, over on the opposite side of the heavens is in Aquarius, which brings elements of eccentricity, future-focus and opportunities for invention. This is a great time for focusing on individual growth and dreams and also for reviewing team contributions and our own role in helping to reach a common goal. As the word of the song says…’Love is all around’. We just need to be open to it!

What else is happening with the planets around this time? This year, the full moon coincides with the annual connection between Mars and Venus. Mars takes a major role in ruling our forward momentum, as well as our passion and Venus governs beauty, romance and attraction. It’s a powerful combination. It really is a time of love and positivity, we just need to see it and grab hold of it. So, what questions should we be focusing on at the moment? One is how we can better balance friendship and love. We need to take care of all our relationships as actively as we can. It’s also a good time to think about how we express ourselves with others. What messages are we sending out? Perhaps it’s time to re-adjust some of our habits.

Now could be an ideal time to use tarot to help you focus on some of these issues in your life. I've included a tarot spread that you can work with. As always, I think it’s a good idea to keep a journal to aid reflection and also to look back on and measure progress.

Full moon in Leo tarot spread for you to try, if you don't use tarot you can use these as journaling prompts:

  1. How am I being called to express my authentic self?

  2. What creative outlet can best help me at this moment?

  3. Where does my courage lie to express myself?

  4. What limiting beliefs are standing in the way of my confidence and expression?

  5. How can I harness the potent energy of Leo to activate my true desires?

By exploring these questions, you are sure to maximise the power of Leo’s Full Moon. Think about the adjustments the universe is asking you to make. Full moons are all about taking a small pause - Make sure you cleanse your space and re-charge your crystals! Happy Full Moon!

Why not treat yourself to my Tarot and the Moon Journal for new and full moon tarot spreads for 2022

Suzi xoxo


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