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Full Moon Healing with Archangel Michael

Following on from last week’s Blog, which looked at the role of Archangel Michael and how we can ask for his assistance with manifesting our intentions, this week we’re making Michael the focus of our Full Moon Healing requests. The full moon falls on Saturday 16th April, 2022, so you have a couple of days to prepare yourself spiritually for this ritual.

Before undertaking the healing ritual

To help with the healing process, I suggest that you take the time to write down the blockages that you think are holding you back from making progress – whether they are external or internal. Make a conscious effort to let these blockages go as you commit them to paper and then keep them to use at the start of your Full Moon ritual, when you will (safely) burn them, and offer your prayers for healing to the Archangel Michael as you let them go.

If you can, stand or sit directly in the light of the full moon as you make your intentions.

Why not make some ‘moon water’ to keep the full moon energy going? A jar of water left in the light of the full moon will capture some of the healing energy and you can use it, with a few drops of a favourite essential oil as a skin cleanser, healing and cleansing drink or to release a healing fragrance around your home.

You will have seen before that our emotions often surge at the time of the full moon and we have spoken before about the moon’s pull on our minds and bodies. Now is the perfect time to harness that energy and to channel it inwards and help with the healing process. We can also pray and offer our intentions for help and healing for others, for loved ones and for the wider world.

How do Moon rituals help us to heal?

Using the moon phases as the focus of how we live our lives creates a healing environment for our bodies. Living in harmony with the moon and the repetition and routine of our own spiritual practices creates perfect conditions for the moon’s energy throughout its cycle to heal us.

  • When the moon is waxing, (growing) we can grow too and so can our efforts.

  • At full moon the power is at its strongest and we will benefit the most from the energy being released into our mind, bodies and spirit.

  • During the waning phases we can concentrate on ridding ourselves of the negative energy in our lives.

The Healing Meditation

  • If at all possible, choose a quiet outdoor space directly in the light of the moon. If this isn’t possible, then somewhere safe and calm where you can see the moon through a door or window is also a good choice. A picture of the moon will also help to keep your mind focused.

  • Light some candles, burn incense if you have it and choose a fragrance that you know is calming and relaxing for you.

  • If you have prepared a list of the negative barriers in your life, this is the time to burn them and ask for release from them. Then sit quietly and concentrate on connecting with the earth beneath your feet.

  • Clear and dedicate the space to the power of the Archangel Michael. Focus on the heavens and call Michael’s light and power to surround and protect you.

  • Offer Archangel Michael a prayer for blessings and healing energy – of course, you can create your own prayer, but here are some words to get you started: ‘I send my love and thoughts to you Archangel Michael and ask that you help to protect and heal me through your divine power. Send light and energy to me to replace my darkness and negativity. Heal my mind and soul and give me the energy to rid myself of all that harms me and holds me back. Remove the obstacles from my path and allow me to see the way to accomplish my goals. Protect me and guide me every day.’

  • Consciously maintain your connection to the earth by placing your feet firmly on the ground beneath you. As you start to feel the energy from the Archangel Michael, open your mind and soul to the bright silver energy of the moon.

  • Focus on meeting directly with Archangel Michael and embrace his light and love. Imagine feeling Michael’s brightest, most radiant energy and ask him to release you from all that is holding you back. Ask for healing power to fill you completely, body and mind.

  • Give Archangel Michael permission to remove and release you from anything that connects you to fear and other negative emotions. Ask for light, love and healing. Take time to thank Archangel Michael for his power and gradually allow yourself to return to your own consciousness.

  • Consciously ground yourself and then release the meditation.

I wish you a peaceful and healing full moon!

Suzi xoxo


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