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Aphrodite Bath Ritual

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Ciao, With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is a great time to celebrate your inner goddess with an Aphrodite bath.

Whether you are single or attached make your Valentine’s celebration magical with a little witchy self-care.

What is an Aphrodite Bath?

This classic ritual bath incorporates elements sacred to the love goddess Aphrodite to draw out love, attraction and inner beauty.

You Will Need:

-9 red or pink roses

-10 drops vanilla essential oil

-5 drops rose essential oil

-2 red or white candles

-a lighter or 7 Matches

-white bowl or neutral coloured basket

Some other items to include on your bath altar:

*seashells (sacred to Aphrodite and the Element of Water)

*a bottle of red wine (if you’re a wine drinker)

*vanilla or rose soap

*a piece of rose quartz

Step 1

Gather your items. Make sure you have everything you need. Nothing is more annoying than having to jump out of the bathtub to get something when you’re trying to relax.

Step 2

Run a hot bath. Add the rose and vanilla essential oils. Separate the rose petals from the stems into a bowl or basket. Then sprinkle them in the bathwater, allowing them to spread evenly through the water.

Step 3

Light your candles and kneel by the bath. Close your eyes and visualise yourself surrounded by a radiant light. Imagine your inner beauty emerging and shining through your physical body.

Step 4

Step into the water. Spend some time enjoying the sacred space you created. Allow the flower petals to drift between your fingers. Let go of negative self-talk. Make a vow to speak kindly to yourself over the coming days and weeks.

Step 5

Once you feel you’ve spent enough time in the water, close your sacred space and extinguish the candles.

So mote it be.


Remove the rose petals before draining the bath!

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Wishing you a beautiful Valentine's Day

Suzi xoxo


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