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An Introduction Into Archangel Michael

Last week, we looked at the role of the Archangel Haniel in helping us to achieve our intentions in conjunction with the cycles of the Moon. This week, we’re looking at how Michael, the ‘Leader’ of all angels can help to protect us on life’s journey.

The Archangel Michael is the most revered and called-upon angel of them all. He’s widely recognised as the overall ‘protector of mankind’ and is a source of warrior energy to provide us with the impetus needed to drive our lives forward, but still offer us protection and guardianship.

If you feel in need of extra courage to tackle a difficult problem or perhaps your belief in yourself could do with a big boost, then Archangel Michael will be able to help. It’s important that you prepare yourself before summoning his help and protection, because his powers are strong and you want to make the most of the help he can provide. Take the time to calm yourself and be clear about your intentions. Writing them down often helps to focus the mind.

Archangel Michael is often depicted with a sword and shield, it’s clear he carries huge energy and life force, but he can also be called upon to help with physical and emotional transitions. If you have lost a loved one and want to ensure their smooth transition from this world to the next, then Michael can help to clear their way. Michael is also shown with the scales of justice in his hands…weighing up just what is needed to move successfully into the next realm. Focus on him and his strength when making your intentions for departed loved ones and he will surely guide them on their way.

Have the ups and downs of life in the real world been making you feel self-doubt and lacking in courage lately? If that’s you, don’t worry – you’re not alone – Michael is always there to help restore strength and spiritual presence if you take the time to connect with him.

It’s safe to say that of all the angels and Archangels, Michael’s strength is the most powerful, but maybe you need to work harder to feel his presence. If you can keep focused on your intentions, he will reward you with protection. I suggest writing down an intention that you can focus on several times during the day when you make time to meditate and summons help.

‘Archangel Michael, I offer myself to you. Help me find inner strength to combat the trials that life is throwing at me. Fill me with your power, from the top of my head to my toes. Flow through my body, taking away the harsh effects of the world and replacing them with your pure power and light and strength to face up to the challenges in front of me. Amen. Let it be. ‘


I mentioned that Archangel Michael is often shown with a sword and shield, but what is the meaning behind that symbolism? Of course, the sword and shield are tools – with which we can cut cords and energies that no longer serve us and may be holding us back or putting us in harm’s way. Michael will help to heal and restore our worn energies, particularly when trauma, grief, past lives or karmic debt is bringing us down. In essence, Michael will help to release our true potential in life and can aid us in finding our soul’s purpose. Michael will also cleanse our physical and spiritual being and help us find positive energy.


It’s clear that Michael plays a number of different roles at different times. He is truly gifted and has, at times, been called upon to fight the forces of evil. But on a more everyday level, he can help us fight injustice and to deal with our own internal battles as well. You can call upon Michael for help as:

  • An arbiter of justice and law, ensuring equality and fairness.

  • A personal helper for soothing and fighting inner conflict

  • A guardian to accompany a loved one to Heaven and on the transition between this life and the next.

  • A life protector – always there to oversee our daily activities from a spiritual, physical and material perspective.

  • Someone who will reveal truth and shine light into all corners of our lives.

So, hopefully you can see from this that the Archangel Michael has the potential to play a huge role in our lives. When you connect with Michael, you’ll get an honest response. It may not always be to your liking. It’s important to remember that you have to be responsible for your actions too. There is no quick route to solving all your problems. But Michael will help you to divine the right path if you put your faith in him!

Introduction to the Angelic Realm Masterclass

Wishing you a blessed week

Suzi xoxo

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