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Are you ready for the New Moon? It starts its next cycle on February 1st.


It’s not often there are two big events on the same day, but with the coincidence of Imbolc AND the New Moon on 1st February, I thought I’d take the time to focus on each one separately. I hope you saw this morning’s post about Imbolc, but if you didn’t you can find it on the last blog post.

So, are you ready for the New Moon? If you think that’s a slightly odd question, then maybe you don’t realise just how powerful the phases of the moon can be?

Like all ‘new’ things, a New Moon is a great time for starting projects, large and small. It could just be a change to your routine or the desire to start a healthier living regime. Or it could be a much larger scale beginning, like the launch of a new business or major project. Or the revitalisation of a relationship or friendship that needs attention.

What does a New Moon signify?

The New Moon is about planting the seeds for the future, (and as you saw this morning, this echoes the Imbolc festival too). The fact that the two events happen on the same day this month should give you an extra burst of energy to complete your planning. It’s a great time to journal, plan, organise and get ready for action. I like to map out my business, personal, spiritual and fitness plans for the cycle ahead during the energy of the new moon.

Tasks to maximise the effects of the New Moon:

Tip #1 - Disconnect and Unplug

This seems so obvious, but it’s harder and harder in the modern word to tear ourselves away from technology. To maximise the New Moon energies, it’s a good idea to unplug for a while and take a break from social media, email and mobile phones.

Tip #2 - Declutter

Before I start my New Moon wishes ritual, I spend some time getting things uncluttered and tidied up. I always find that de-cluttering my physical space leaves much more room for me to work on what’s going on inside, I’m less distracted and I find relaxing easier to do. Even if you focus on doing this in one room, it will create mental and emotional space for you to plan ahead.

Tip #3 - Clear the body

Treat yourself to a nice relaxing candlelit bath. You can add salt, rose petals, herbs or your favourite oils. This will help to relax the muscles, remove any stress being held in the body and allow you to concentrate on clearing the mind.

Tip #4 - Set your goals

Start by setting your goals. Make sure you define a clear outcome for the next lunar cycle – and also the cycles beyond. Be sure how these fit into your bigger picture. What actions do you need to take, what changes need to happen in your life and in those around you? You may want to write or draw a longer plan before you define your goals.

Tip #5 - Use a vision board

Some people find pictures much easier to relate to than a written list. But if writing is your thing, that’s fine too. The important thing is to make sure you have a method that leads you towards clear goal setting.

Tip #6 - Take the time to meditate

Think about how you will feel when your desires come true; use that time to focus on this feeling and then record the changes and the positive feelings you have experienced. Use a journal or other planner and make it a regular habit. Set aside time for yourself, and if you can, make it at the same time of day so it becomes a natural part of the rhythm of your routine. This stage can be difficult as it calls for projection of your feelings, but as with all things, practice helps!

Tip #7 - Hold (or recall)

Make a positive effort to hang on to these feelings over the full lunar cycle. Use your journal to reinforce your intentions and to reflect any changes that you can see and feel occurring.

Tip #8 - Set goals and intentions for every area of your life.

For instance, finances, career, relationships & family and spirituality - but try and keep your intentions to a limit of 10 so as not to dilute the energy around them.

If you find yourself looking at a blank screen or piece of paper and not knowing where to start, check out my Moon planner and guide and start your personal journey with help from the hints and tips it contains. Of course, it’s almost certainly going to take more than one cycle of the moon to reach your goals, so breaking your intentions down into weekly chunks that align with the changing moon phases makes complete sense.

It’s important to take a holistic approach to your goal-setting. Reaching the end is always a good feeling, but what are the personal and professional changes you will have to make along the way? Planning and being realistic are key and you need to create time and space to look after yourself, and allow your brain to absorb the messages coming from the universe. The more you can visualise your path to success, the better chance you stand of getting there!

Wishing you a Blessed Weekend

Suzi xoxo


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