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New Moon Ritual

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The moon has a of lot of magical powers and influences us strongly. The new moon is a great time to manifest all that we desire, but if we are holding on to clutter in any of its manifestations, we don’t have space in our lives, our minds or our physical environment to create or manifest our desires. So today we are going to set the intention to clear out all that no longer serves us and to let it go knowing that the universe will support us. When we look at all that doesn’t serve us we could be looking at situations, people, relationships, thought patterns, habits, physical clutter etc. These are the things that need to be cleared in order to create space for our desires. The moon is a very powerful entity that brings out our shadow selves, that we often don’t recognise but it is there in our unconscious mind, steering us and guiding us. It helps us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. We want and need to be conscious of what is happening for us, and around us.

The Ritual

Create a sacred space for yourself – put on some nice music, turn off phones and disturbances, light some candles and have some crystals around you if you have some. Journal on a piece of paper, not a notebook as we are going to burn the paper later.

Dear's's what's on my mind...... ....Then pour out your heart, write down everything that is worrying you, blocking you, holding you back. Write down everything that you need to let go of, they could be people, situations, negative thought patterns, bad habits, procrastination, self-sabotage. fear, regret, guilt, anger, bitterness etc, etc. Be really honest with yourself. This is about letting go of EVERYTHING that is holding you back. You don’t need to censor it or worry about checking your grammar or spelling. When you have finished write – 'Dear Universe, please take this from me in the most pleasant, easiest and fasted way possible' This ritual is all about being able to let go and having the intention to let go, to be able to ask for help and assistance. To know that you are not alone. Set the intention to let it go, that in this moment you are releasing it to the universe and you know that the universe will take care of it for you and it has been released. It is now important that you follow the guidance that you receive. Some things may be taken from you instantly and others may need a little more commitment or work from you. If you are guided to get some help i.e a counselor, coach, mentor, healer etc follow that guidance and find someone that resonates with you and specialises in that particular field. Make that commitment to yourself. Guidance can show up in so many different forms like repetitive numbers, coincidences, feathers, people, situations etc. Sometime messages may come through in the form of different people telling you the same thing or seeing or hearing the same thing over and over again. Ideas may just pop into your head that feel really positive. You may get messages in your dreams. Be open to the guidance the universe sends you. Make the time to schedule this in today or tomorrow, make the commitment to yourself to let go of everything that doesn’t serve you. When you have finished you can burn the paper safely.

This ritual can be done at any time you feel you need to let go of things. Blessings Suzi xoxo

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