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Virtual Retreat

Embrace the Enchanting Tapestry of Italian Traditions: Dive into the Embrace of the Goddess Minerva, Bathe Your Soul in the Lunar Bliss, and Bask in the Resplendent Magic of Herbs, Profound Clearings, and Soul-Stirring Activations

Does your heart ache with the weight of being trapped, yearning for purpose and aching for the fulfillment that eludes you?

Do you feel stuck and lacking purpose?

Do you feel there is never enough time for you to focus on yourself, your self love and self care?

 Monika and myself invite you for this FREE, beautiful, relaxing 3 day virtual retreat to clear and cleanse your energy and nurture your soul.

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Minerva Italian Goddess

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Feeding your soul is about nurturing your inner self, finding meaning and purpose in life, and connecting with something greater than yourself.

Connect to the energies of the land through our sacred rituals and let your body unwind and enjoy peace and tranquility whilst clearing and releasing the energetic blocks that are blocking your path forward.

Immerse yourself in the journey to meet your inner goddess and your own innate power, strength and purpose through guided meditations and sacred soul healings.

Connect to the nature and abundance around you, connect with healing herbs and the powerful and mysterious energies of La Luna to guide you forwards.

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What does it look like?

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Friday 28th July

Welcome Aperitivo

Ignite the Retreat with a Heartwarming Aperitivo, Heartfelt Introductions and a Live Reading. This will be a Joyous Celebration of the Riches of Italian Traditions with Tantalising Harmony of Wine and Food and Share of the Delightful Camaraderie. Remember to Bring Your Own Aperitivo and Partake in this Blissful Gathering!

Day 1

Saturday 29th July

We kick off the retreat today by connecting you to your own divine power and sovereignty so that you can connect to your own innate, powerful goddess that resides inside of you. We will guide you through a powerful meditation to meet your own inner goddess.


We finish today session with some sacred soul activations to connect to the Goddess Minerva, your power and your sovereignty.

Day 2

Sunday 30th July

Today's session is all about the nature and abundance that is all around us.

Today we will work with the moon, herbs and olive oil. Together we will create a smudging stick and a room spray so that you can create your own energy clearing rituals easily with items you already have in your kitchen or garden.

We will finish today session with a powerful, sacred New Moon ceremony to set our intentions for the lunar cycle ahead.

Private Goddess Minerva Facebook group where the replays will be available for all sessions

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This is for you if...

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🌟 You are a spiritual woman 

🌟 You are ready to energetically align to your own inner power

🌟 You love the moon and nature


🌟 You are ready to create transformation in you life/business

💰 You know what you are currently doing is not working

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Ciao, I'm Suzi

Ciao, I’m Suzi, I am a multi passionate soul alchemist, Akashic Records reader, tarot reader, teacher, channel and creative. I love to work with the magical power of the moon, crystals and I create my own Rose and Crystal essences with roses from my garden and the magical energies of the moon.


In 2012 I manifested my soulmate and together we have 5 amazing children.  And in 2016 I manifested my dream home in Rural Italy nestled between the Sibillini mountains and the Adriatic coast. It is my paradise, my heaven on earth.


I help spiritual entrepreneurs unlock their divine purpose and divine wealth. With the help of the Akashic Records we identify their blocks, heal their ancestral lineage, clear their karma and release any hidden oaths or contracts holding them back.



I love to combine practical coaching sessions with woo and magic to help elevate my clients into their divine purpose, passions and profits, so that they can build a soul aligned business that brings them joy, freedom and fulfilment.


Together we unlock their soul’s gifts, soul’s purpose, soul’s potential and soul aligned offers so that they can create divine wealth and abundance.


With my multidimensional healing tools to hand, those I work with can achieve both spiritual ascension and financial success.

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Client Love

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Ciao I'm Monika

I am the creator of Core Essence Optimal: A Modern Platform for Personal Development birthed from a Journey of Inner Harmony and Profound Challenges. My Heart's Calling has transformed into a Soul-Driven Mission and - guided by the Majestic Universal Law of Polarity and the Transformative Power of Polarity Therapy - I changed my career goals in 2018.


Embracing the Role of Vice-Chairwoman, I support the Divine Energy International Charity. In the past I orchestrated exquisite Events for Corporate and Diplomatic Members and managed My Ventures as a Business Owner in Recruitment and Employment, and Market Research.


I've Journeyed Far. From My Birthplace in Poland to the Vibrant City of London, and Finally Settling in the Spiritual Land of Abruzzo, Italy. Here I Guide Soulful Seekers through Profound Retreats that Spark Deep Transformation.


A Mother, a Speaker, and Equipped as a Trained Corporate Wellness and Sacred Space Facilitator, I Embrace My Many Facets as Gateways to Illuminate and Inspire the Hearts and Souls of Our Clients.

We all have some sort of challenges in our life a wise person will always look for positive ways to come out of them. Suzi Edwards is a great healer to have sessions with she helps us to come out of our most pressing issues. I have been attending her healing sessions quite often & feel better everytime. I would highly recommend her as she is bang on a point to help us heal our issues of various types & of lifetimes. She does have her YouTube channel as well full of best healing videos. Suzi thanks so much for your healing & the great work you do

Suzi's Testimonials

The Abundance healing from Suzi was absolutely incredible. I knew I had some money blocks, even though I have previously worked on clearing them. However, after receiving Suzi's abundance healing, I felt a sense of peace, almost as if I no longer needed to worry about it. I did the healing again this morning and my whole body tingled / vibrated as she did each clearing. It was such an incredible experience. I look forward to further programs and healing sessions with her. Thank you Suzi, for sharing your amazing gifts.

I received The Abundance healing from Suzi yesterday and it was powerful. I feel energy shift in me. I feel much peace and calm with Abundance now, was feeling stress and anxious before specially with money. Suzi is very talented and a great healer. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift Suzi.

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