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Learn to read tarot intuitively and confidently.

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Intuitive Tarot Course

Have you been wanting to learn tarot for a while but the thought of learning the meanings for all 78 cards puts you off?


Have you been trying to learn Tarot from books but just not connecting with your cards and the meanings?


Whether you are a Tarot newbie, a struggling student or just curious about Tarot, this course will have you reading Tarot quickly and confidently!


Here is the thing! 


If you have been trying to learn from books and memorise the meanings, you're not connecting to your intuition, so your readings aren't flowing. Chance are you're not trusting yourself, so your readings are robotic and not from the heart.


If you're feeling stressed and struggling to absorb the myriad meanings for 78 cards, it's hardly surprising, that's a huge feat for anyone. Your stress and discomfort will be evident to your client......Let me help you! 


I'll help you to understand your OWN interpretations, in the context of the cards and your own experience. You'll be giving heart-felt and intuitive readings in no time. 

There is a much easier way!


What if you could learn to read Tarot with ease? 


What if you could use everything you learn immediately for a positive impact on your life or the lives of others?


Imagine looking at a card (or even a full spread) and instantly understanding the message it has.


Or facing a difficult decision and confidently picking up your Tarot cards for the clarity you need. It’s like having your own spiritual advisor ‘on tap’. You can consult the Tarot (and your intuition) any time. You don’t even have to make an appointment!


Everything you need is already within you – you simply need the key to access it.


A Simple way to learn Tarot Fast!


Imagine Reading Tarot Easily With Your Intuition As Your Guide.


You can learn to read tarot intuitively, confidently and easily with this groundbreaking course.

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In just 6 weeks you will:


  • Learn to read intuitively and confidently

  • Develop your intuition

  • Discover a simple way to interpret any card quickly and accurately

  • Trust your inner wisdom

  • Learn to read for yourself and for others

  • Develop your confidence

  • Let go of the frustration of trying to memorise all 78 card meanings

  • Be able to charge for your readings

  • Understand both the Major and Minor Arcana and their roles in a reading.

  • Read from the heart

So I’m glad you found me. You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re looking for a way to connect to your inner self through the Tarot card

  • You want simplicity in how you work with the Tarot cards

  • You want to learn to read Tarot confidently and intuitively, without having to rely on a book

  • You want to help others transform their lives through Tarot

  • You want to make a difference

  • You want to have your own Tarot business

Tarot is so much more than just a tool for future predictions.  Tarot gives you a map of your life, insight, clarity and guidance to help you to navigate any area of your life. Tarot can help you to reveal everything you need to know wherever you are on your journey.


I have just completed Suzi's week-long Tarot course and it was fabulous.

I learned so much and now have this amazing tool to use daily for my own guidance as well as using it with my clients, The course is taught in a small group (which was perfect for me) and Suzi Edwards makes sure you feel supported throughout.


The course was full of guidance and information as well as the tools and course information that came with it. Thank you Suzi so much, I am already seeing the difference this is making to my everyday life and how I can use this in guiding my clients.

Highly recommended. 💜💜💜 Marion Morley

Image by Edz Norton

The best Tarot readings happen when you read from your heart, and add your own unique interpretations and connections that aren’t found in any Tarot meanings book.

The Intuitive Tarot Course is right for you if:

You are ready to learn the cards once and for all


You want to learn Tarot intuitively and confidently


You want to use Tarot to transform your life


You want your own business helping others transform their lives

You are curious about tarot and don't know where to start


You are ready to tap into your soul and live your potential


You need a simple way to learn the Tarot


You are ready to let Tarot guide you to fulfil your dreams


You want connection and support

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What does the course look like?


We will connect via Zoom for our lesson. There will be a maximum of 10 students on each course to ensure you have plenty of time with me.


Week 1 - Major Arcana

We will travel through the cards of the Major Arcana. 

You will connect to each of the cards and create your own interpretations for them.

Practice session.

This lesson is 2-21/2 hours.

Week 2 - Suit of Wands

Today we will be working with the suit of wands. You will create your own interpretations.

We will practice with the suit of wands and the major arcana. 

Today's lesson will be max 2 hours



Week 3 - Suit of Coins

Today we will be working with the suit of Coins. You will create your own interpretations.

We will practice with the suit of wands, coins and the major arcana.

Today's lesson will be max 2 hours


Week 4 - Suit of Cups

Today we will be working with the suit of Cups. You will create your own interpretations.

We will practice with the suit of wands, coins, cups and the major arcana.

Today's lesson will be max 2 hours

Week 5 - Suit of Swords

Today we will be working with the suit of Swords. You will create your own interpretations.

We will practice with all the cards.

Today's lesson will be max 2 hours


Week 6 - Final session

Today We will practice with the cards to build your confidence.

We will also have a Q&A session to ensure you are ready to share your gifts

Today's lesson will be max 2 hours



A complete Tarot toolkit to help you stay connected to your cards, learn different spreads and journey with your cards to create a deeper connection.


How to start your tarot business.


You will also receive a recording of each day's lesson.

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I recently did the intuitive tarot course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love tarot but didn’t feel capable of remembering all of the meanings of the cards. However, learning to intuitively read them through the pictures in the cards was a lot easier than I expected and Suzi was a very supportive teacher. I also loved that it was a small group, a couple of hours a day for 5 days after which I felt pretty confident. I happily recommend Suzi for readings and training.

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Next course starts in February 2023


Early bird £225 Until 31st Jan 2023 (Full Price £299)

Please message me if you would like a payment plan


All courses are limited to 8 people


Exact course timings will be confirmed after booking. Any questions please message me on

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