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For women that are ready to connect deeply to their divine essence and goddess power

A sacred sisterhood for support, expansion and awakening

You are a beautiful, powerful divine goddess and you deserve to live a life of joy, fulfilment and abundance.


You didn’t come across this page by accident, I believe you were guide here.


It is your time to step into your divine goddess energy and weave your magic into the world.


You are a magical powerful, unique being that has incarnated at this time for a reason.


The goddess collective is a sacred sisterhood that will support you to awaken your inner goddess, awaken your divine power, awaken your gifts and share your magic.


You will Awaken to your true potential and divine essence.

You Will Learn

In this beautiful, supportive portal you will learn how to deeply heal, deepen your connection with yourself and with the cosmos. You will learn how to be who you were born to be so that you can show up in your life powerful and authentic and have an impact on the world with your divine essence and gifts.

You will learn how to connect with mother earth, the four elements, your sense and the universe Allowing you to live in ease, flow and abundance. As you step into your magic you will connect with and attract your souls desires.

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What do you get?

The membership is woven with magic, healing and sacred rituals to help you to fully embody your divine magic.

Each month you receive:

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  • 2 live sessions per month

  • Access to the online portal containing trainings and replays

  • Access to the online community

  • Support and guidance within the community

  • Discounts for my events and services

  • Extra tools and resources to help you on your journey

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Who is this for?

Women that are ready to:

Deepen their spiritual practices and go deeper than they ever have before.

Commit to living in alignment with the natural energies of the universe.

Connect deeply to themselves and others.


Suzi is an incredibly encouraging, nurturing  and highly gifted intuitive coach. I felt so very understood and safe during our sessions together. She helped me gain so much clarity on my soul’s purpose. She also helped me rework my offers and understand my soul clients on a deeper level. I was blown away by Suzi’s natural ability to read my energy and to facilitate a healing coaching experience where I truly felt seen and heard. I felt so supported by Suzi even outside of our calls together. She would check in on me and offer guidance on anything I was struggling through. Working with Suzi has given me a lot of clarity and a new sense of confidence in who I am  and that my success is inevitable.  Suzi’s dedication shines through her genuine soul as she facilitates a beautifully transformative coaching experience that will help blossom  your life and business

thank you Suzi for holding space for me to believe in myself and my dreams.


Hi all. I did a 1:1 with Suzi and O.M.G. so much unresolved issues now makes so much sense. I finally know my purpose in life. I love her work and also feel aligned in all aspects. She's amazing!!! 


I agree with you 10000000%. .. she transformed me ..!! She’s literally my Guardian angel , I get no other words


"Suzi Edwards is an absolute master channel and reader. During our 3 hour power session, the work done on deeper purpose, aligned projects and soul clients (which are all passions of mine); she opened up new dimensions of realizations I needed to call in at the time. As an Oracle, I highly recommend Suzi - magical!" ~ Oracle Tanya Spirit ~ Spirit Led Business Mentor to Conscious Female Entrepreneurs


Suzi has a beautiful personality and is very connected to Source energy!! She has a passion for, and belief in the power of the Akashic Records and Tarot. I was very fortunate to have 3 very powerful sessions with Suzi on prosperity. I was blown away by how quickly she was able to connect with my guides and spirits and deliver crystal clear messages. Her channelling gift is phenomenal!!

She was able to translate everything she received in a way that I could understand and relate to in my situation. Suzi uncovered a deep-seated belief that was holding me back from creating the success and wealth that I desired. Since my sessions, I am noticing profound evidence of the ways in which I am becoming a magnet to success and wealth. It has given me a new sense of vitality and excitement. I feel that my inner flame has been ignited!

Suzi is clearly a very gifted healer and a powerful alchemist!! I am deeply grateful!


“My session with Suzi was spot on! I went to Suzi because I was experiencing major indecision about what to do next in business. As a successful coach I’d reached a crossroads and no amount of thinking was making the choice clearer. Suzi helped me to tune in and gave me much needed clarity which helped put my mind at ease and showed me exactly what to do next. Oh and I made an unexpected £10,000. If you’re thinking about booking a session go for it!”


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