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The Abundance Experience

Do you often feel stuck and frustrated when it comes to money and abundance?


Despite your best efforts, do you still find yourself unable to achieve financial success and abundance?

Here's the thing

There are various ways in which we unintentionally block ourselves from experiencing wealth and abundance. These blocks can arise from worries, fears, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, patterns, and behaviors.

Plus .....

Money, wealth and abundance blocks transcend lifetimes and dimensions. You may have done all the mindset work, the affirmations, the gratitude etc, etc for the blocks you were holding in this lifetime.

But .......

you are still blocked from living your financial dreams.

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Join me the Abundant Experience

In this FREE Experience we will clear and release:

  • Guilt and Shame around money
  • Money Trauma
  • Money Karma
  • Hopelessness
  • Poverty, Struggle and Suffering
  • Oaths, vows, contract and agreement

    From this lifetime, past lifetimes, your ancestral lineage and all future lifetime
We will then align and activate you to:
  • True abundance
  • Infinite Abundance
  • Miracles 
  • Goddess Laksmi
These clearings and activations will take you from:
Lack, worry, guilt and struggle
Freedom, joy, and abundance
Allowing you to leave your worries and fears behind you and enjoy the abundance that is all around you.
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Who is this for? (23).png

💰 You are a spiritual woman.

💰 You are ready to energetically align to money and call in more abundance.

💰 You are ready to let go of the blocks and fears that are holding you back.


💰 You are ready to let go of struggle and lack

💰 You know what you are currently doing is not working

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My name is Suzi and I am a soul alchemist I have been working spiritually for the last 15 years.


I am an intuitive business coach, tarot, oracle and akashic record reader and healer, teacher, channel, Chrystal and moon lover and so much more.


My business was just plodding along for many years, always making enough to survive but nothing more. I felt I was spinning my wheels, working hard, experiencing feast and famine cycles, overwhelm, lack of clarity and all the things. I was investing in myself and my business, following the coaching tips, implementing 101 things and not seeing a difference in my income.


Until I really started working with the energetics of the business and myself Everything changed dramatically for me when I started clearing my blocks and working with the akashic records and my guides to heal past life issues including karma, vows, contracts, agreements, woundings and more, as well as ancestral blocks, and my own blocks.

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