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Wealth Diva


I see so many spiritual women putting their all into their businesses and just not getting the results they were looking for which leads to overwhelm, confusion and lack of fulfilment. Energetic alignment and vibration is as important as having the right strategies and foundations in place in your business. I help my clients to combine practical coaching with spiritual and energetic practices so they can create solid foundations and align to the vibration of money and success. There are so many things that can stop us from reaching our money goals and I am going to share some of those with you in this program Day 1 We kick off the program by looking at your money blocks, and what you are holding on to that is stopping you from making money in your business. ​Akashic money clearing and activation Day 2 Today's session looks at what we are holding onto collectively around money, wealth and prosperity and what our ancestors have passed down to us. ​Akashic money clearing and activation Day 3 Today I will be taking you on a journey into your akashic records to remove all the blocks, vows contracts and agreements, limiting beliefs and more. ​Then we will activate wealth, prosperity and abundance, and place success anchors in your business to ensure your business success.

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