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Business by the Moon


Harness the mystical powers of the moon for your business As spiritual women, we understand and appreciate the power of the moon. But did you know that you can align your business to her magic? By syncing your business with the moon, you'll know exactly when to: 🌙set your intentions 🌙Gain clarity 🌙Take action 🌙Write your content, email sequences, posts etc 🌙Show up Live, get visible & go all in 🌙Launch 🌙Close sales 🌙Gather resources 🌙Hire people 🌙Create partnerships 🌙Release what isn't serving you or the business 🌙Rest 🌙Make time for self-love and self-care & introspection 🌙Engage in a gratitude practice 🌙Meditate, journal & work on your mindset And so much more. Each of the moons phases has a special energy & personality. When we align our lives & our business to these energies we are connecting to the natural energy of the universe, which allows us to be in flow and ease. To run a successful business timing is of the essence. Being in the right place at the right time can make all the difference between success & failure. It really pays to know when to schedule meetings, when to launch products or services, start a new project, sign contracts, market & when to expand your business. The key to really successful timing is knowing the cycles of the moon & its daily movements. The moon influences the tide of events, our mood, & our expectations. Being in alignment with the moon & her phases can have a massive effect on the success of your business.

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