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Akashic Alchemy Level 2


Level 2 of the Akashic Alchemy Academy is an advanced online training course that builds upon the foundation established in Level 1. Completion of Level 1 is a prerequisite for enrollment in Level 2. In this comprehensive 9-week program, participants will continue their journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth by delving even deeper into the wisdom of the Akashic Records. They will learn advanced techniques to access and navigate the Records, gaining further insights into their soul's purpose, past lives, and limitless potential. Level 2 will provide participants with powerful tools and techniques to identify and clear various Akashic blocks that may be hindering personal growth and spiritual evolution. This includes addressing trauma imprints, healing soul wounds, dissolving vows and contracts, releasing karmic patterns, and transforming limiting beliefs. Participants will also gain further clarity on their soul's journey, origin, and purpose. They will uncover their unique gifts and talents and align with their soul's calling to create a meaningful and fulfilling life. Level 2 will delve deeper into exploring the influence of past lives on current reality, and participants will learn how to heal past traumas and release karmic patterns for personal growth and transformation. In addition to the core curriculum, Level 2 includes advanced techniques for entering the Akashic Records, such as guided journeys and pendulum techniques, allowing for accurate

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3 Plans Available, From €85.00/week


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