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Adding a little magic to

your life or business

Akashic Tarot Alchemy

The Akashic Tarot Alchemy session combines Tarot, pendulum healing, activations and the Akashic records to give you a powerful, unique reading that will empower, guide and support you in your life, business or both..

Are you ready for growth and transformation?

Each session is tailor made to your needs and the area you wish to see change in.

Together we will map out your next couple of months, clear your energy and release what isn't serving you, so you are clear and focused with your next steps

This 60 min session includes:

In depth tarot reading

Guidance from your Akashic Records

Pendulum Clearing

21 day healing activation

Akashic Activation

How it works

Each reading is as individual as the client. This is a general idea of what the reading looks like but will depend on your individual needs and what you guides feel you need right now.


We will start with a tarot reading to see what comes up around you, where your energy is and what your higher self wishes you to know. We will look at the area of your life or business that you or your higher self wishes to look at.

We will then journey into your Akashic Records to gain more insight and to connect with your guides and guardians inside your records

We will visit any past lives your guides wish to share with us that are impacting your life now so that we can clear any emotions, vows, contracts or agreements that are ready to be completed.

We will ask your guides for healing during the session and this will come in the form of either healing by your guides or angels, pendulum healing or an akashic clearing.

You may also be given an Akashic Activation too.

Book a stand alone session or 4 sessions for the year ahead


Thank you so much Suzi for the business akashic reading session last night.

The session was amazing. Suzi made a quick connection to my records and picked up on a lot of energy and things I’ve been feeling recently. She was also able to provide useful advice and guidance from my guides to help me move forward. I’ve gained a lot of clarity from this.

I definitely recommend this session to anyone who is looking to dive deeper into their business and its potential.

I look forward to working more with Suzi x


Sarah Oshun-Williams

Image by Edz Norton

Gain clarity, understanding and support from your spiritual support team

After your reading you will leave with:

Clarity and understanding about where you are right now

Your next steps mapped out for you to help you move forwards

Insight into available opportunities around you

Guidance that empowers you to leave the past behind you

Tools to help support you on your journey (these may include workbooks, forgiveness rituals, invocations)

Insight into past lives and how they impact you now

21 day invocation to heal and clear your energy

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Image by Edz Norton

Book Your Reading

Single reading 
Via Zoom

Quaterly Readings (4)
Via Zoom
£44 p/m



To complete your session and give you extra support you will receive


A Tailored Akashic clearing


Call recording

Tools and resources that will aid your healing and growth

(could include a meditation, worksheet, planner etc.)

Access to my private FB Group

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Suzi is an incredibly encouraging, nurturing  and highly gifted intuitive coach. I felt so very understood and safe during our sessions together. She helped me gain so much clarity on my soul’s purpose. She also helped me rework my offers and understand my soul clients on a deeper level. I was blown away by Suzi’s natural ability to read my energy and to facilitate a healing coaching experience where I truly felt seen and heard. I felt so supported by Suzi even outside of our calls together. She would check in on me and offer guidance on anything I was struggling through. Working with Suzi has given me a lot of clarity and a new sense of confidence in who I am  and that my success is inevitable.  Suzi’s dedication shines through her genuine soul as she facilitates a beautifully transformative coaching experience that will help blossom  your life and business


thank you Suzi for holding space for me to believe in myself and my dreams.


Soul Prosperity Activator Suzi has a beautiful personality and is very connected to Source energy!! She has a passion for, and belief in the power of the Akashic Records and Tarot. I was very fortunate to have 3 very powerful sessions with Suzi on prosperity. I was blown away by how quickly she was able to connect with my guides and spirits and deliver crystal clear messages. Her channelling gift is phenomenal!! She was able to translate everything she received in a way that I could understand and relate to in my situation. Suzi uncovered a deep-seated belief that was holding me back from creating the success and wealth that I desired. Since my sessions, I am noticing profound evidence of the ways in which I am becoming a magnet to success and wealth. It has given me a new sense of vitality and excitement. I feel that my inner flame has been ignited! Suzi is clearly a very gifted healer and a powerful alchemist!! I am deeply grateful!


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Ciao, I'M Suzi

Soul Alchemist - I am an intuitive coach, reader, channel and teacher. With a combination of practical coaching tools, the Akashic Records, tarot cards and pendulum I help my clients reconnect to their divine soul gifts, power and potential and clear away everything that is no longer serving them so they can step into their divine power and create a life and business that lights them up.

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