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Meet Suzi

Alchemist for your soul and your business

Unlock your
soul's calling to
build a life and
business full of
wealth, joy and


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Here to assist my clients in unlocking their full potential - to create an amazing life and business. I'll help align the forces of nature and release the magic that is within them.

For the last 15 years my life has been devoted to helping others divine their soul's purpose and heal everything that is stopping them from being abundant and successful. I do this from a basis of broad experience, deep spiritual and mystical knowledge and a familiarity of the traditional techniques of mother earth and universal energies.

My own's soul's purpose is to work with each client to devise a plan that allows them to reach their personal and business goals.

By responding to my clients unique needs I can design a program that is personal to them and the path they are being guided to follow. 

What I Specialise In

Identifying your soul's purpose

Building a soul aligned business

Using the forces of nature & the moon

Law of Attraction 

Tarot & Akashic Records

I believe there will come a time where it will become harder and harder to ignore our soul’s calling.  Where we will no longer accept our current circumstances.  A time where we have had enough of hiding our light, and our innate gifts.  There will be a time when we are ready to step out of our shell, find our voice, and follow our soul’s calling.

I believe that when you discover who you are at Soul Level, you have a roadmap on how to navigate your life to bring joy, abundance and freedom to any moment.

I believe that I can help you to uncover your truth, discover who you are at your core so that you can break through your blocks and create a life filled with abundance, joy and happiness.

Client Love

Thank you Suzi for the Soul Client reading you have just given me. I had goosebumps all the way through and so many aha moments. The reading took me down a road I had not considered in my work, showing me who my Soul Client is and painting a very clear picture of who she is and what she really wants and what she is afraid of. Such insight and detail I can’t thank you enough. Also a lot of the reading also resonated where I am on my journey. A must reading to have Thank you x

- Marion Morley

Suzi is an incredibly encouraging, nurturing and highly gifted intuitive coach. I felt so very understood and safe during our sessions together. She helped me gain so much clarity on my soul’s purpose. She also helped me rework my offers and understand my soul clients on a deeper level. I was blown away by Suzi’s natural ability to read my energy and to facilitate a healing coaching experience where I truly felt seen and heard. I felt so supported by Suzi even outside of our calls together. She would check in on me and offer guidance on anything I was struggling through. Working with Suzi has given me a lot of clarity and a new sense of confidence in who I am and that my success is inevitable. Suzi’s dedication shines through her genuine soul as she facilitates a beautifully transformative coaching experience that will help blossom your life and business

- Berenice

“My session with Suzi was spot on! I went to Suzi because I was experiencing major indecision about what to do next in business. As a successful coach I’d reached a crossroads and no amount of thinking was making the choice clearer. Suzi helped me to tune in and gave me much needed clarity which helped put my mind at ease and showed me exactly what to do next. Oh and I made an unexpected £10,000. If you’re thinking about booking a session go for it!”


Why Work with an Intuitive Coach?

Intuitive business coaching is a co-creative relationship. It is an opportunity to get the big dreams out of your head and heard by somebody with experience who understands business and spirituality.  Together we will take your biggest dreams and turn them into reality with both practical and spiritual tools and strategies that will speak to your ideal clients calling them into your business with ease.


As an intuitive and empath I can feel what is going on within your business, and pick up on your blockages, limitations and fears.


As a tarot master I can connect with your business and see what is holding you back, what opportunities are around you and what is hidden and what is waiting to be realised.

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I'm excited to announce a special partnership with One Tree Planted, an organization committed to reforestation and environmental sustainability. We're working together to make a difference – one tree at a time.

Here's how it works: For every purchase from my website or Etsy shop, you will contribute to  trees being planted.  So, whether you're buying a large item or a small one, you're helping us to heal the planet.

Together, let's heal ourselves and our world.

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