You know that you need to be working with your soul clients but fear and guilt are stopping you from leaving unfulfilling clients behind you.

You have followed the gurus advice and have a client avatar but that doesn’t help you to connect with your soul client.

When you understand exactly who your soul client is and what makes them tick you can call them to you and your services with easy and joy.

You can release the fear, doubt and indecision and step into your authenticity and serve the soul clients that nourish your soul and build your business with ease and joy.

The Soul Client Reading Looks at:

  • The kind of person is she
  • Things tha makes her happy
  • Her biggest struggles
  • Things tha keeps her up at night
  • What does she really want
  • The things that drive and motivate her
  • Her biggest fear
  • What is standing in her way

Giving you a deep insight in to the kind of person she really is, her daily struggles, her biggest fears and her goals and wishes.  Allowing you to connect with her easily and authentically.

Its time to stop struggling with this and gain the clarity and insight you need to call in your soul clients

Thank you Suzi for the Soul Client reading you have just given me. I had goosebumps all the way through and so many aha moments. The reading took me down a road I had not considered in my work, showing me who my Soul Client is and painting a very clear picture of who she is and what she really wants and what she is afraid of Such insight and detail I can’t thank you enough. Also a lot of the reading also resonated where I am on my journey. A must reading to have Thank you x  
Marion Morley
Soul Plan Reader