Intuitive business coaching, readings and courses for heart centred entrepreneurs to build a business that lights them up so that they can live life on their terms and create an income to match.

You know that feeling you get when you are totally stuck and you have no idea which direction is “right”. And that stops you from making progress in your business and leads to overthinking, over analysing, overwhelm and procrastination.

You know you want to up-level your business and attract clients that nourish your soul but fear, doubt and indecision hold you back.

I help heart-centred entrepreneurs up-level their business to 6 figures with ease. I teach them how to identify and understand their soul clients and trust their intuition.  And to put solid structures in place through a range of intuitive business coaching products and services.

Intuitive Business Coaching


“My session with Suzi was spot on! I went to Suzi because I was experiencing major indecision about what to do next in business. As a successful coach I’d reached a crossroads and no amount of thinking was making the choice clearer. Suzi helped me to tune in and gave me much needed clarity which helped put my mind at ease and showed me exactly what to do next. Oh and I made an unexpected £10,000. If you’re thinking about booking a session go for it!”
Business Coach
“I was at a stage where I was doing really well in my business, however I knew that there were areas of my personal life that were holding me back that were indirectly affecting my business – as so within so without right! My intuitive business coaching with Suzi showed me the areas in my life that I deep down knew needed healing, but having Suzi identify these meant that 1. I had the awareness to heal these and 2. was given the tools and techniques to heal these. Suzi helped me see how I had been manifesting things I didn’t want – and blocking the things I really do want! Since the reading I have been working on my self-love and self-worth, forgiving myself and others for past issues and healing my money story. I have used the power of a gratitude practice which has been very powerful and using manifesting techniques to call in the things I desire into my life with ease and grace. I cannot recommend Suzi enough – it’s not just a ‘reading’ – it’s a deep insightful overview of your past and present to give you the awareness to create the future you deserve. Thank you Suzi.
Jo Soley
Business and Marketing Coach
Thank you Suzi for the Soul Client reading you have just given me. I had goosebumps all the way through and so many aha moments. The reading took me down a road I had not considered in my work, showing me who my Soul Client is and painting a very clear picture of who she is and what she really wants and what she is afraid of Such insight and detail I can't thank you enough. Also a lot of the reading also resonated where I am on my journey. A must reading to have Thank you x
Marion Morley
Soul Plan Consultant
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